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Star Trekkin' Across the Universe: Picard is Pic-back


Yes, there is.

You see, his true passion, above all else is Gobots.

@Lorcan_Nagle LOVES Gobots!


I always knew he was a pervert.






Q. And what’s the Christmas album called?

“Shatner Claus.”



New Star Trek trailer:



Still looks like wannabe fan fiction.
I don’t get why people like this show, it’s just a poor Trek rip off.
I mean, Voyager was better than this nonsense. (Mostly)


I think people just miss Star Trek and this is the closest thing to it other than rewatching old episodes

It is a bit like fan fiction, albeit I would not reduce it to that level and there is a degree of quality involved that you will not find in fan fiction. And there’s clearly passion there which helps.


Orville is kind of amusing, though it does mostly feel like rehashed Star Trek episodes with added dick jokes. I do find the jokey tone and zany antics of the crew often undermine the more serious issues the series attempts to address, like the one with Bortis’ child.

Someone said that Orville is like a cross between Star Trek and M* A* S* H, and that makes the show easier to digest.

I really liked the one with the “flatland” universe; I found the concept intriguing, and it would have made an interedting Trek episode.




I don’t remember that one at all. :rofl:

I vaguely recall Troi losing her telepathic/empathic powers, but I don’t think I’ve seen it since it aired in '90. Probably skipped over it on the blu-rays because it’s called “The Loss” and it’s a Troi episode.


I think with The Orville, we can have a case of “Simpsons did it first” but as “Star Trek did it first!”



Some things about the Orville:

  • The Alien Rapist episode…
  • The Black Mirror like episode, in which the trigger is a crewmember, LaMarr, acts like a moron while undercover.
  • Another episode in which that same crewmember is discovered to be a ENGINEERING GENIUS, and becomes the new Chief Engineer… now they need to blind him and he will become LaForge… similar surname included.
  • The episode, in which the Chief of Security (who got the job because of super strength and zero experience) locks herself in an holodeck with the safeties off and gives herself amnesia to “Test herself or die trying”, while everyone just watchs.

With that out of the way… Orville is almost like Star Trek Continues for TNG, same type of plots, same structure, same tropes, drenched in nostaliga… and what makes it closer to a fanfiction series is that the creator is cast as the captain :wink: .

The one thing original, at least in the first season, is that they act like morons, and sometimes that’s the trigger for the plot. Other times it feels like they borrow jokes from Family Guy (the bit with Isaac amputating Malloy’s leg, the dog licking itself, etc). Sometimes the clash between the serious themes and the jokes is kind of okay, sometimes is atrocious and tone deaf (the alien rapist episode again).


“I’ve met with S.J. [Clarkson] and she’s fizzing with ideas and she has the right attitude. She’s reverent but she’s not slavish. In terms of the story, I have a vague knowledge but it’s nothing I can talk about… Quentin’s idea is another thing. He came in to Bad Robot and pitched it and it’s been put in the bank. I think he had us in mind when he came up with the idea; he likes the new cast. But he’s going to be so busy with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood that I can’t see him doing it for five or six years, by which time we might be too old anyway.”

Like that has stopped a ST crew EVER BEFORE!



So, due to an 18-month contract negotiation, Pocket Books Trek output has been in limbo.

Much was suspected- reboot due to Discovery, continuation that included the Kelvinverse - and it turns out to be the latter, but not yet. But the way appears clear to go past that point of time.

3 novels have been announced, including the Tilly one, but there will be more - maybe one by John Jackson Miller.

I’m hoping for follow-up on Bashir and Garak, more Mission: Gamma books with Sisko and Beyer’s possibly final Voyager novel.


Details on the other two novels: