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Star Trekkin' Across the Universe: Picard is Pic-back


Ah. But they do look like the corridors from the motion picture Enterprise, which is from the 70s


But that was after an extensive refit! Come on Lorcan, this is basic stuff :roll_eyes:


Just saying, if you don’t want to watch it because it’s insufficiently 60s…


Is @davidm going back in time? now the 70s are no longer good enough for him? are we going to get to a place where David thinks that anything newer than WWI is rubbish?


Buster Crabbe Flash Gordon or GTFO!


I’ve always acknowledged that the 70s were built on the shoulders of the giants of the 60s :stuck_out_tongue:


So you’re saying that the 1970s are responsible for the 1980s?


Modern garbage.

This or nothing:


Eh, it’s just ripping off that one Smashing Pumpkins video.

And that one Queen one


Yes. Oh, wait. No. No, I’m saying that there’s a clear and easily traceable rise to any civilization, but once the civilization hits its obvious peak there’s only one way left to go. We call that way “the 80s”.


Fabulously awesome?


I’ll be honest… I’m not seeing it.


Christ, do I have to explain everything around here?


It has something to do with the first round the post to the people’s uprising against Gundam and Transformers, right?


Where does gamer gate and abortion rights fit into it?


That’s what the Gundam and Transformers are trying to oppress in a capitalistic manner.


Guys, please. I’m so much more than socialism, feminism, increased democratic representation, Gundam and transformers.

I mean, there’s also Macross.


Is there? Is there really?


Oh yes. Oh yes there is.


Is there? Is there really?