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Star Trekkin' Across the Universe: Picard is Pic-back


Please take that as an object lesson that Star Trek actors don’t always have the best perspective. Fans tend to be confused on that point.


Paramount CEO Jim Gianopulos took the stage to discuss some of the studio’s upcoming slate — ranging from a sequel to Top Gun to spin-offs in the Transformers and Cloverfield series — and to the surprise of the audience, he personally confirmed that Paramount is not working on just one Trek film with partner Skydance Pictures… but two!



Likely the Tarantino movie and another Abramsverse sequel. Good to hear!


Variety has her as confirmed


Almost sounds as if they’re going to be rolling back the budget, if their new director has only ever worked in television. Maybe not, but if there were competing Star Trek movies, I’d be inclined to give more money to Tarantino, if it came down to that.


Not necessarily a bad thing, First Contact is one of the best Trek movies and it was Frakes’ first feature film.


I know. It’s definitely one of my favorites.


Well, we are getting some ship reference and design books:

And a new edition/reprint of Stellar Cartography?


One very drunken Thanksgiving…


“Benny, wake up! Bring the dirty dishes to the kitchen!”

“Aw, moooooooooooom…”


Tryptophaned to the eyes, young Benny slowly pulled his eyes from the report of the NASA launch from the new big-14"-screen televisor and picked up his scraped plate with the one lone turkey bone. The gravy boat was empty, and he piled that on, along with two of the tall fluted glasses Grandma had brought out. One glass nearly fell over, so with some sense Benny carefully laid the two glasses on the plate horizontally, balancing carefully on top of the gravy boat. As he tottered towards the cooling kitchen Mama appeared with a Brownie camera and snapped a photograph, the flash blinding young Benny. The afterimages swam, constellations and stars blazing up and shrinking with unbelievable speed. He swayed - just a little - on his small feet. He gazed at the carried dishes while the colors from the flashbulb danced gloriously in the long dark hallway to the kitchen. NASA. Rockets! Men in space! Gravy boat! Tall glasses! A dinner plate.

Benny did not even notice when he passed out and woke in the 23rd century.


This week saw the release of the first issue of TNG vs Mirror TNG, Through the Mirror. A preview:

It continues from the enjoyable Broken Mirror miniseries (five issues and a FCBD story, collected in tpb). That mini also had an special which was only available through Loot Crate and not included in the tpb (IDWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!), detailing the origin of Mirror Data… hope they add it to some later collection because it was a nice little tale.

Oh, and as seen in the preview, the writers decided to bring back a planet and some minor characters from the TNG/Doctor Who crossover series.



In sum, Meyer is technically working on a movie trilogy for CBS All Access, but the feud between Viacom and CBS might get in the way.


So is this the other movie that was mentioned in Eduardo’s post, or something completely separate?


Completely different. These are for cbs while that’s for paramount.





The two cinematic movies are a fourth Abramsverse movie bringing Chris Hemsworth’s George Kirk back, and the Tarantino project.


I’d probably watch “Pulp Fiction in space”.



Say Q’Pla again and I will blast your arse out into motherfucking space.

<cue a diversion dialogue about the intricacies of Klingon language, culminating in how Klingons like live Royale with Cheese>