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Star Trekkin' Across the Universe: Picard is Pic-back


The full death scene was frequently cut on UK and Irish TV back in the day. I distinctly remember seeing the full thing the first time the episode aired, but then in repeats Picard and Riker shot Remick once, then it cut to the denouement.

The parasite invasion was mentioned in passing in The Drumhead - the suggestion is that Norah Satie has been weeding out the compromised officers for the last few years. As with many dangling plots, it’s resolved in the relaunch novels, forming a major part of the early Deep Space Nine storyline.


I can fully understand it being cut on reruns. That shit is hard-core.


I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it uncut in repeats in more recent years too. According to Memory Alpha, the episode was cut by the BBC for its airing in the 90s, so it must have aired uncut on RTÉ


There was a surprising amount of horror movie level gore in the early seasons of TNG. There was also this disintegration effect in “Loud as a Whisper.”


You can almost see it, can’t you?

“Picard’s a wousse compared to Kirk!”

After Conspiracy aired…

“Did Kirk ever shoot an alien-possessed Starfleet officer in the head with a phaser, revealing the controlling alien and then torched it to death with phaser? No? Thought so.”


“And this is why you don’t give the French energy weapons!”



You guys feeling squeamish about those deaths are gonna love, erm, hate the latest Discovery.


That disintegration effect is pretty amazing for 80s’ television.


Semi related to Trek literature:


Many longtime devoted Trek fans I know have a hard time with DISCOVERY. Is it really aimed toward non-TREKKERS more thN anything?

At the same time, why even bother being Trek if you don’t care about Trek fans?


Is it really aimed toward non-TREKKERS more thN anything?

Quite a bit of us here are long time trekkers and are enjoying it, so I would say no, that’s not the case.

Yes, there is some innovation and moving forward with plot structure, etc, that breaks some of the more traditional episodic format of trek, but that was something that we saw in Ds9 and Enterprise Season Four too.


How much of DISCO have you watched? I’m gonna be brutal here and say that the vast majority of long-time fans of Trek who I’ve seen badmouthing the show are going on watching a small amount of the show, if any, then watching a bunch of biased YouTube videos, and getting really angry about the visual updates to the show, while ignoring all the times that the older shows changed things with zero explanation.

Because Trek fans alone aren’t enough to keep a show on the air, and the Trek fans who are getting pissed off at the show are a vocal but small percentage of Trek fans. The show’s creative team includes Nicholas Meyer, who co-wrote and directed Star Trek II and VI, Joe Menosky, who wrote 56 episodes of Trek in the 90s, including Darmok, and Kristen Beyer, who’s written 15 Trek novels. The show’s original showrunner and the architect of the story arc is Bryan Fuller, who worked on DS9 and Voyager. The current showrunners are his hand-picked replacements. Gene Roddenberry’s son is a producer.

The same people who complain that DISCO is spitting in the face of Trek fans also claim that the writers know nothing about Star Trek. Which shows how much they’ve paid attention to the show.


I didn’t even realise there had been a big backlash against the series, I don’t follow this stuff very closely. That’s a shame.


It’s been largely well-received, just a bunch of angry, loud Trekkies.


That describes not just any Star Trek project, buy any genre endeavor.


Angry, loud Trekkies ruin everything


Angry, loud fans of anything ruin everything. It’s insane, the power “fans” have given themselves in the past few decades. The “kill it to make it better” mentality. If you’re not liking something, you’re not a fan. Just walk away. If enthusiasm for something is contagious, so is antagonism. And “fans” just don’t seem to realize that. Everyone thinks their opinions form in a vacuum. 99% of the time this just isn’t true. It’s true when you disagree with the majority, and not because you’re being deliberately contrarian. Every other time? Whether you realize it or not, you’re following the reactions of others. So fans can be really irritating.


Stargate fans are one of the worst examples of this.
Dickheads actually campaigned for Universe to be cancelled because they didn’t like it.

Not that I’m bitter. :neutral_face:


Stargate Universe was the shit, and while I’m sure the fan campaign was a flash in the pan, fuck those guys anyway.