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Star Trekkin' Across the Universe: Picard is Pic-back


Ha! I was going to post exactly this!


Well now I have to watch it.


This has just been shown on the Horror Channel weekly omnibus. The concept is genius and Brett Spiner’s delivery matches it. Gotta love TNG.


I caught that too! I always wondered how they can justify TNG on the Horror Channel. It doesn’t really fit.


No, it’s accurate.

The Enterprise visits an idyllic world where everyone is cheerful and scantily clad. They soon discover that this society maintains its sense of peace and order by imposing the death penalty for all crimes, no matter how small.

Wesley was playing around some kids from the planet and unkowingly ran afoul of a “Keep off the grass” sign, and faced summary execution by the local Judge Dredds for the offense.

The crew then has to wrestle with the Prime Directive, and whether or not they can just leave with Wesley, or allow him to be executed.

There’s also a convenient god-like alien thingamabob orbiting the planet that will hold Picard to the Federation’s law to prevent things being too easy.


Yeah what Jason said…



Shocking nobody, Roddenberry hired William Ware Theiss, the costume designer for TOS to work on TNG as well.


I was flipping around cable last night and watched some of The Datk Night. After being very bored by it, I changed channels and caught the last 30 minutes or so of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. (The channel was marathoning all the ST movies in order from TMP to Nemesis.) it’s still a fun and enjoyable movie.

I then watched the first 15 minutes or so of ST V but endurance for pain isn’t as high as it once was so I changed channels.



While re-watching the early seasons of TNG when I got them on blu-ray, I was struck by how closely TNG resembled the aesthetic of TOS. I didn’t really pick on this when I was a kid and watching them in the 80s. It all seemed fairly new and modernized at the time.


You can almost see the TOS influence fall away in short order too, every old hand that Roddenberry had hired left the production by the end of series 1, for various reasons (many of them just wanted to get away from Leonard Maizlisch, but not all of them)


Last night Friday’s Child was the featured TOS episode. Is this totally the culture George R.R. Martin lifted for the Dothraki? Okay, more walking around and horse-tails on the head (rather than on the horse) but item by item started being checked off on my mental list. Only the strong, let the sick and weak die. Tir and Wife of Tir limned in precisely the same manner as Khal and Khaleesi. Almost as much attitude from Julie Newmar. (I love me some Julie Newmar.) The search for weapons.



The Capellans?

Nah, there are lots of races like that in fiction, inspired by real cultures.


Some of the names considered, my god!


They were really going after the Twin Peaks folks; I suspect because it had just been cancelled.

Be interesting to some of the casting notes for other characters, and if any other TP folks were being considered. They had four up for Sisko.

Fenn, Boyle, and Amick for Dax? MacLachlan, Marshall, and Ashbrook up for Bashir? McGill and Tamblyn for Odo?


Definitely fascinating list! Clearly they were casting a wide net, a true dream sheet.


It would be cool to see a movie actually take advantage of the idea of artificial gravity in an interesting way. Every starship is built like a house or boat with gravity always in one direction, but if you had artificial gravity like in Star Trek and any number of other shows and movies, then every surface could be used. You could easily walk from one surface to the next with no trouble. Chambers could be spherical or, more likely, cubic or dodecahedrons with different functions and entry/exit points on every surface. With artificial gravity, every room has at least 6 times the usuable floor space. Certainly, the ships could have any design they wanted, depending on use.

The only reason they were designed this way was the television budget, but even cheap shows can do great effects these days. It would look cool to have an Escher-like interior - especially in the advanced alien races who spend their lives on ships.



Exactly, 2001 at least thought about it a little more deeply.


I just watched the TNG invasion/conspiracy episode from season 1 on the Horror Channel. My initial reaction to it when I realised which episode I’d turned in to was to have a little laugh at the fact the conspiracy was never referenced again. Amusement turned to - appropriately for the tv channel - horror at the end tho.

This was on at 1 in the afternoon. I’m no prude but I think exploding heads and Carpenter-esque body horror is a bit much for a Sunday afternoon.