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Star Trekkin' Across the Universe: Picard is Pic-back


I’m pretty sure Ira Stephen Behr hasn’t aged in 20 years.


In case anyone is interested, the second last episode of Star Trek Continues has hit the internets.

Edit: this is their attempt to do a proper series finale for the original series.


Any chance we can get, I don’t know, audio dramas with the DS9 cast? An animated series?


Uff, there were some really bad ones in the final stretch, including Sub Rosa…


Saw it yesterday, of all the episodes I think it was the one that felt way more fanfic like (?).


I may see it soon again, but the memories of Worf’s klingon pimple…

Last week watched Nemesis again, I think for the first time since its theatrical release. :frowning:


That pimple is definitely one of the worst things about the movie.


I don’t disagree. I don’t think it was their strongest episode.

It some good moments though.Hopefully the conclusion will redeem it all.


Is that the “Crusher has sex with a ghost” episode?




It does explain her spooked look.


Later today they are releasing the second part of that fan episode.

On a semi related note… I recently watched another fanfilm, Star Trek Renegades, and its followup, Renegades The Requiem (only half of it is available online right now).

Featuring a whole bunch of former trek actors (almost felt like a retirement home at one point)

By the same team that made Of Gods and Men, so so fanfic… but nice space battles. The second episode is funny because it was started during the release of the fanfilm guidelines, so they changed names, some appearences, etc. And it shows.


Do we want to go again? We could do another one of the corrupt admiral stories, or Search for Spock, or something else altogether?


What about the Lethe episode of TOS? See if we can work out whether that Disco theory is true?


That’s an option, we’ve not done TOS in ages


Sounds good to me.


So, Dagger of the Mind, then?


I’ve been slowly rewatching STNG after putting TOS on a break for a bit.

Season 1 has a lot of critics, however I have some extremely fond memories of it.
There’s a few duff episodes but there’s others I’ve really enjoyed, some for nostalgic reasons, some because they are just genuinely really good episodes.

I watched Heart of Glory last night and I found it a gripping episode with the first real Klingon entry of the new Trek, giving some insight into the Human/Klingon relationship plus some heartbreaking moments watching Worf struggle against his natural instincts. This episode still holds up strongly today.

Justice which has some great drama as Beverly faces her son being sentenced to death for falling into a flower bed, has dated quite a bit in terms of the performances. It’s well known for the ridiculously scantily clad outfits the locals wear, but I saw that as plus point rather than a negative.
This was an episode I remember well as a kid, being totally shocked out how the locals turned after appearing so nice and I remember feeling quite frightened by the concept.

Encounter at Farpoint always a remains a favourite of mine, despite being quite boring at times. I think it’s because I can vividly remember exactly what I was doing the day this was aired and where I watched it.

I also really like Coming of Age as I’m one of the people who actually quite liked Wesley and how we see Starfleet through a child’s eye, plus an insight into the Academy and how kids progress through it into Starfleet.

Other notable mentions for me are the faulty holodeck episode The Big Goodbye, the frankly weird 11001001 where some wee annoying aliens hijack the ship, another Wesley heavy Where No one Has Gone and meeting Data’s naughty brother in Datalore

Ive still got another 10 or so episodes left then I’ll make the decision to either go back for season 2 of TOS, watch season 2 of TNG or move to the first season of DSG (which I’ve probably watched about at least half a dozen times now, but I love it).


I’m sure there’s more to it than this, but I love this as a description.


Nope. That’s pretty much it.:rofl:

The first season does have some good material (I, ah, wouldn’t personally include “Justice”) among it. Even the second season does.