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Star Trekkin' Across the Universe: Picard is Pic-back


… because, as the rest of the quadrant is quite aware, we would decloak “in peace”. :wink:


Shouldn’t it be “The Prog-Rock” in honor of @davidm?


The Porg rock.


This came up in my Quora feed:

How realistic is the design of Star Trek’s Enterprise?


It’s certainly worth considering that this is merely the Federation’s “official” stance. As we see in Insurrection with the duck blind and cloaked transport ship, it’s entirely likely that this sort of thing exists on a considerable level, just on a need-you-know basis.


Was that a Federation ship? Or whatever race Salieri came from?

It is a long time since I saw that film? It wasn’t one of my favourites.


I always thought Salieri could have done better.


I remember thinking that First Contact was a step up for Trek movies in terms of design and action, and that Insurrection was a slightly bigger budgeted two-part episode.


Insurrection had that wonderful bit about “I found it does not take fifty years to learn it.” That was a quantum leap for me. I had believed this concept for a long time, constantly in conflict with traditional Amurricun teaching methods. If it was okay for Picard, it was okay for me!


Is it worth a rewatch?


If you think on that point, the whole movie rather revolves around it. I think the whole thing is about how and why people learn. Besides, Data gets to go rogue.


Probably not.


Aw, c’mon! Stretchy-face! Stretchy-face!


I rest my case.


It was Starfleet, the duck blind and cloaked ship housing a holodeck.

I’ve always liked Insurrection. Compared to other Star Trek movies, and even other movies, it may seem a little soft shoe, but it’s artful, and has a lot of keen observations to make, as suggested.

Plus, I love the shuttle pursuit between Data and the team of Worf and Picard. And the way Anthony Zerbe reads the line, “File whatever protest you wish to. By the time you do this will all be done.” He says “this will all” so that it almost sounds like, “this war will,” so that its double meaning, as a threat, comes through. In effect, his Dougherty is the ultimate incarnation of the “bad admiral” in Star Trek.

I also acknowledge that there are things the movie is sloppy about, like the jokes. Or Riker’s “beard” that is clearly a fake beard, after Frakes shaved it off for scenes he probably regretted filming before finishing the bearded material.

But as a Picard experience, it’s another fine example, in the movies, of explaining him better than the series ever managed to. It’s really only in the movies where he’s allowed to be the definitive lead character. And Data is finally understood to be his Spock. Their relationship doesn’t really happen until the movies. Insurrection actually has the least for them to do together, which may be another reason, on a subconscious level, that it feels disappointing.


There was a cloaked duck blind in an early TNG episode as well, IIRC - Who Watches the Watchers


Figured this would be worth sharing here. It’s my birthday today and my wife got me this:

It sounds wonderfully bonkers, with early stories being written six months before the series was broadcast in the UK and not really bearing any real resemblance to Trek cannon. The art is that great 60s/70s kids comic style. I reckon this will be something special went I get stuck into it.


That and “Homeward” were the basis of the plot, I think. One of the reasons fans so easily associate it with the TV adventures.