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Star Trekkin' Across the Universe: Picard is Pic-back


Look, it’s easy: Reed is the cool one you can admire. Trip is the idiot you want to slap every time you hear his annoying accent.


But I want to slap everyone in that damned show.



I know how to settle this now! He’s the one who’s indistinguishable from Trip!


Do we want to move on to something else? Maybe an episode where the crew has to deal with a rogue or amoral Starfleet captain?


Sure, if people are game for it.

Do you have an episode in mind perchance?


TOS: The Omega Glory, Whom Gods Destroy or at a pinch, The Doomsday Machine
TNG: Too Short a Season or The Pegasus
DS9: Homefront/Paradise Lost
VOY: Equinox I and II


Found the CW Seed, if one digs through a few menus, has all the animated Trek episodes available.


I recently watched The Pegasus. It was funny to see Terry O’Quinn younger looking and with dark hair.

I would vote for something from TOS or DS9.


Homefront/Paradise Lost then? There’s some fun background details there, actually.


Thinking more on it, I vote for The Doomsday Machine.


Does DS9 has tribbles?


DS9 has a Tribble rigged to explode, intended to kill Captain Kirk…





Is that why it’s called Paradise Lost? :confused:


Were you not paying attention when we did a Tribble Bill? We did all the Tribble episodes.

Sheesh :roll_eyes:



I thought they were a Gremlins kinda deal.

Ergo – there is no ALL the tribbles episodes. They’re like sand. They get everywhere. No wonder Anakin got so narky. Poor JJ was reduced to disguising them with lens flares. They’re very tribble-ingling.


Seriously Bernadette…Lorcan wrote a big long essay about it and everything. You’re putting the man to a lot of work if we do it again. Have you no mercy?


I can just copy and paste it from upthread.


Bernadette. I knew this one was going to be tribble from the beginning.


But it’s an entire whole sleep and work day away from Blade Runner AND Lorcan likes writing essays AND I like reading them so what else better could Lorcan be doing anyhow to pass the time until Gosling-Solo o’clock (dream of sheepses?) AND you’re all here just to entertain me anyway AND furthermore TRIBBLES!!! :angry: