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Star Trekkin' Across the Universe: Picard is Pic-back


I didn’t mind the prequel aspect, but wish they leaned into it. In first episode, they have phasers (or whatever they’re called) and transporters. I liked the idea of everything being a bit more primitive and less comfortable.

And yeah, Scott Bakula is an immensely likeable actor, but they needed someone in that role who could bring a bit more fire. If this is the guy who is James Kirk’s boyhood hero (or so the pre-publicity materials would have us believe) they needed to like up to that. Maybe he develops as the show goes on. I haven’t watched more than a few episodes.


Oh, one point I totally forgot to make about Broken Bow - what the hell is up with every single argument T’Pol has with anyone other than Archer? There’s two or three points in the episode where she has her logical decision made, and Reed and/or Trip makes a passionate argument, the scene cuts, and she’s taken their advice and changed her mind. Like maybe once is a good plot point, but it happens when Archer is incapacitated after the gunfight on Rigel X, and again when he’s stuck on the Suliban base. And maybe once more, I forget now.



Nemesis made us all into drug addicts.


An excellent write-up again, Lorcan. You made my morning.

Voyager sucked.
Enterprise was just boring crap.

My main response: Nothing here is logical.

Too many cooks, too much money, too many ego, very bland result.

I think I watched the first hour of Discovery before CBS took its ball and went home. Oh well.


The way I tell them apart is “guy who was in the David Hasselhof Nick Fury pilot”, and “guy who wasn’t in the David Hasselhof Nick Fury pilot”


You need therapy to get rid of that. The Hasselhoff thing, I mean.


Everyone should see the David Hasselhoff Nick Fury pilot once in their lives. It makes all other TV better.


Workin’ in a coal mine, going down down
Workin’ in a coal mine, all by myself…


A double feature movie night: Nick Fury and Generation X!


Let there be balance in the Farce!

One for Marvel, one for DC.

Nick Fury and Justice League.


It never leaves you, really.


Ah. Yeah, no idea which one appeared in that. Darn.


That’s the level of interchangeability they have!




Oh Lorcan, there is a better way.

Reed is the guy that appeared in the Asylum’s Sherlock Holmes, you know, the one in which he fights dinosaurs.


Reed was responsible for one of my favourite moments in all of Star Trek: when he invents a way of automatically sounding the alarm klaxon when danger looms, and they discuss calling it a “Reed Alert”.

I know, I know. But I love puns :slight_smile:


OK, but which one was he?


Honestly, looking back (and I haven’t watched it since it aired, and most of it was very forgettable), I think Reed was my favourite character in that series. There was something refreshing about how acted like an actual military officer, rather than the happy-clappy, lackadaisical, we’re-all-pals approach that every other person in Starfleet has.

He was also the star of probably my favourite episode (or at least the one that has stuck most in my mind): the one with the Romulan minefield.


But which one was Reed?