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Star Trekkin' Across the Universe: Discussing The Porgs


Okay…We have an overwhelming winner.

Over the next couple of weeks, in the lead up to the launch of Star Trek Discovery, we are going to watch the first aired episodes for each of the Star Trek series so far.

  • The Man Trap (TOS)
  • Beyond the Farthest Star (TAS)
  • Encounter at Farpoint (TNG)
  • Emissary (DS9)
  • Caretaker (VOY)
  • Broken Bow (ENT)

Thank you to everyone who voted. and a big thanks @Todd for the suggestion.

Enjoy. Come back and talk about the episodes (or whichever ones you’ve watched…) when you’re ready.


We can call this group First Contact. :slight_smile:


My first reaction is that I love the suggestion…

But if people see that it’s called First Contact, won’t they assume that we’re watching the second Next Gen movie?


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This is how I would have plotted Generations.

The Enterprise (the real one) encounters a space phenomenon thing that knocks them about and makes them fall through a time warp thing into the future. There, they find the Enterprise D drifting and powerless. Boarding it, Kirk meets Picard and learns the following from him: “A renegade Klingon admiral is intent on attacking Earth and triggering a new war. We were the only ship in a position to intercept, but we ran into a space phenomenon thing that knocked out our power.”

“Klingon bastards” says Kirk (Worf is off on DS-9, so he can say that.) Then Kirk lends them Scotty, who moans about how stupidly over-designed the D is and it’s no wonder the phenomenon thing knocked them out when the real Enterprise rode through it, and then fixes the Enterprise D.

Together, they go to intercept the vastly superior Klingon force, where they give a good account of themselves, well, mainly Kirk using “old fashioned” tactics that work brilliantly because the Klingons have forgotten how to counter them. Picard flounders round indecisively wringing his hands and trying diplomacy, obviously.

But still, there’s no way to beat the odds, except Spock has worked out a way to use the energy of the space phenomenon thing to destroy the Klingons – it will require a ship to fly into the centre of it though, and surely be destroyed.

Kirk decides it must be them – it can’t be the D because that’s full of civilians and children (“what idiot thought that was a good idea?” ), besides, he knows only Sulu can successfully pilot them through it.

Plan executed, big explosion, Klingons wiped out, Earth saved. Picard orders a scan for the Enterprise, but there is no sign, not even debris. Were they annihilated, or is there a chance – just a small chance – that they were thrown elsewhere in time and still survive to continue their mission of exploration? We will never know… (Spoiler: yes they did, because it’s Kirk, he always snatches victory from the jaws of defeat.)


The Enterprise E was introduced in the movie after Generations.


Saucer separation :wink:


And yet, Captain Sisko saved Kirk’s life.


“Mister Data, separate the saucer so all our children can die in a horrific crash on that planet below us. Make it so!”



But don’t take my word for it, let’s ask a few experts on what it means to boldly take a crew into the unknown.

Kirk: “You monsters! You brought children into a war zone! Don’t give me any of your platitudes about separating your saucer. How will that help you when you’re grabbed in a giant green hand?”

Bones: “What Jim Said. With bells on.”

Spock: “Much as it pains me to concur with Doctor McCoy, logic is on his side in this.”


Yeah, omitting landing gear was a bit of an oversight :roll_eyes:


That’s a pretty decent plot. I thought the idea of Generations was far better than the realisation. We never got to see the two crews together. We never got to see the two Enterprises hovering in orbit.

There was never that sense of passing the torch…although in the spin-off novels Picard is now unwilling to accept promotion citing the advice that Kirk gave him as reason not to.

Btw…does anyone else have any suggestions about what we should rename the thread?






Thank you :slight_smile: To be honest I’ve never thought about it before and came up with it on the spot after reading Braga’s comments in the posted article. But I think those are the elements that really needed to be in the film.


I watched the movie on Netflix a few months ago and Generations really doesn’t work as a movie. It is just another episode of TNG. It only works if you already know who the characters are and understand the fictional universe that they exist in. There are things carried over from the show like Data’s emotion chip, the significance of which aren’t really explained too well.

Even as someone who is familiar with the series, I found it quite an odd thing to do and quite insular.


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That’s kind of perfect. It has that thing that all great titles have - an extraneous colon. Like Mission: Impossible : Ghost Protocol…although to me, it will always be Doris :wink:

@Lorcan_Nagle - Can you please do the honours and rename the thread?


Yeah, I would have like to have seen both full crews in Generations teaming up for something. Lots of ways to pull it off and they missed a huge opportunity there.

The only problem is that a few, like Spock, McCoy, and Scotty, have already met the TNG crew or members of it, which could present some continuity problems. Unless, of course, the TOS crew would forget their adventure in the future like past Doctors do in multi-Doctor stories.


I am not the clickbait king here but…

I did not see that coming, but it is good news…

As for the first ep, I lean toward the first ep with Kirk as captain, with that changeling creature who craved salt… That one should count.