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Star Trekkin' Across the Universe: Discussing The Porgs


That one working phaser pistol…


Bad news,there’s some radiation interference


I mean, obviously the only same answer is the TOS Enterprise :frowning:

But if that’s excluded, then maybe Kirk’s chair.


Eh, make your own:


Are we done with Wrath of Khan?

What do we move on to next?


Always considered Trek II-III-IV rather a trilogy. Why not go back to the future with Christopher Lloyd’s Klingon and skinny Saavik?


It does have a rather brilliant Starship heist scene.


Eh, up yer shaft.


I had made the suggestion upthread that as the premiere date for Discovery approached, we have a “First Contact” mini marathon of the first aired episode of each ST series:

  • The Man Trap (TOS)
  • Beyond the Farthest Star (TAS)
  • Encounter at Farpoint (TNG)
  • Emissary (DS9)
  • Caretaker (VOY)
  • Broken Bow (ENT)

If that’s too much, we could pick and choose from the list.


I’d be down for doing each pilot. We’ve got just over a month until Discovery drops which would give us just enough time?


He’s a complicated man Lorcan. And no one understands him but his woman.


Now there’s someone who should have been captain of Excelsior.


Can you dig it?


Any other suggestions? So far we have Search for Spock and All of the Pilots (an idea which I kinda like)?

Given the discussions that we have been having on the Discovery thread about what is and isn’t Trek, can anyone suggest what is a definitive example of what is Trek? Does anyone want to shout out an example?


Galaxy Quest!


So, like… Sulu, Data, Paris…? :confused:


Ladies and gentlemen, I think we have a winner.


ST:TOS “Tomorrow Is Yesterday”.



I am going to put this to a vote

  • Star Trek 3: The Search For Spock
  • Pilot Episodes for each series so far
  • Galaxy Quest
  • Tomorrow is Yesterday (TOS)

0 voters

I will leave the poll open until this time tomorrow.


I’d argue that within Star Trek itself the most Star Trek that Star Trek has ever been is probably “The Menagerie,” which happened to repurpose a pilot, therefore being an episode about an episode, originally deemed too cerebral, and suddenly becoming the most meta the franchise has ever been.