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Star Trekkin' Across the Universe: Discussing The Porgs


Yup. Could have used a better TOS without the speed-up, too.


Something for @Bruce and @Daniel_R :


Next you’ll be telling me Imperial Stormtroopers have perfect aim, Todd.



Well, there is a fan theory that Stormtroopers were intentionally missing as part of a larger plan…


“Only Imperial Stormtroopers are that precise”


That was a good book.


The Star Wars trailer is expected tomorrow.




Is it not sacrilege to post that in the Star Trek thread? :slight_smile:


I think it’s sacrilege to discuss Star Trek movies on the cusp of the new Star Wars trailer.

Or as Timothy’d put it: Your face is sacrilege.


We in the Star Trek thread respect all beliefs and cultures. Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. :wink:


Except where Star Wars is concerned, of course. Fuck those guys.



I read an article about this on site or other a while back, and always meant to post this question here…

Given the success of Rogue One, do you think that Paramount should attempt a standalone Trek movie to unpack some piece of continuity?

I know that this has historically been the stuff of the spin-off novels and fan-films (like Axanar for instance),

If yes, what would you like to see?


To be honest, I’d rather Star Trek let go of the past and move to the future.

No more prequels or prologues.

I would put the 24th century to bed and let it sleep.

I would move the storytelling to the 25th century or or beyond. Propulsion systems have advanced to where the Federation is exploring other galaxies. New worlds and new races. New stories to tell. Break new ground. Events and secrets of the past can be told revealed through the lens of the future.

I want Star Trek: Intergalactic.


I agree. I think that Star Trek works best when it is moving forward. Enjoyable as the current round of movies are (kinda, not at all, and fairly) , they are just cover versions.


I had a similar idea, the Federation send a mission to the Andromeda galaxy and find it racked by a war more devastating than anything seen in the Milky Way - vast swathes of the galaxy depopulated, holes in the spiral arms where stars have been destroyed. Being Starfleet, the crew decides to bring peace to an entire galaxy.


that no matter how much their intervention would be a good thing, the Prime Directive makes it impossible. Reactions back in the Milky Way are mixed, leading to a concerned citizens’ group to take the Federation to court on humanitarian grounds to attempt to dismantle the whole of the Prime Directive legislation. The series will focus on the court case and the attorneys and diplomats arguing over minor points of procedure. It’s the natural successor to the spirit of TNG really.

Star Trek: The Talky Generation

“Who know the Prime Directive was so hard?” - Federation President.


The Prime Directive only covers non-warp capable species though.