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Star Trekkin' Across the Universe: Discussing The Porgs


Seconded. Duet is really good.




I think that you were the person who recommended it to me in the first place.


I do think over time DS9 lost its nerve with Kira and her view of the Cardassians, she’d start develop and change and then they’d take her back to hating them all again - it felt forced.


And that’s why George R.R. Martin kills off everybody and their mother. Retcon THAT!

Okay, Jon Snow …


OK, I’m going to briefly hi-jack the thread to steer it away from TV to books, or rather, one particular book:

Section 31: Control

So, read it - the result? Holy hell, er… How to put this without major spoilers? Nope, no way to do it. Click if you like, don’t say you weren’t warned:

[spoiler]It’s often said that tie-in fiction is safe and predictable, that at the end the toys are back in the box, all intact - except clearly no one told David Mack that!

This is a story of staggering nerve and, at times, brutality and very few come out at the end unscathed.

The cleverest part of this is the final revelation of what Section 31 is and how it came to be. To place an AI at the centre of it all is quite, quite elegant and works perfectly, especially with those final page revelations.

Bashir manages to finally complete his crusade, albeit at massive cost, though I’m nowhere near as bothered by the death of Sarina as Bashir as I didn’t like her.

Bashir’s fate at the end of this book is pretty damn dark, but I like that he’s under Garak’s care. Talking of whom, he was a delight in this.[/spoiler]

This was a superb pay-off to years of Section 31 stories. Really quite excellent. Oh and it seems like I now need to go and preorder a copy of Titan: Fortune of War too…


That’s cool. I read the books as well.

I haven’t clicked the spoiler bit (yet) as I am way behind in my reading of the Star Trek novels. I got as far as the Cold Equations books by David Mack. Am I right in thinking that the Section 31 novels spin out of The Fall series? Do the work on their own or would it be better to read that first?

In any case, I had ordered a copy of the this book, so it is nice to see a favourable review. Feel free to hijack the thread again in the future.


They are not linked to The Fall series but Disavowed does make use of the way things play out for Bashir in that series. So you could go straight in if you like.

On the other hand, Ceremony of Sorrows is a massive pay-off to a plot running since Avatar and is kind of an essential part of Bashir’s arc.


What episode shall we watch next Star Trekkians? Is there a decent Voyager episode that we could try, to at least say we watched one (the geek equivalent of ripping off a Band Aid).

In the meantime, Star Trek Continues have a new episode up (I haven’t watched it yet, but have enjoyed the previous ones).


I’d still like to do TMP as well


One vote for the Motion Picture…I’m happy to Second that…not because I think it’s a great movie, but because if Millarworld existed in 1979, we would be speaking of it the same way we talk about Man of Steel or Prometheus.


I think it’s a really interesting artefact, both in terms of the flaws in the finished product and how they got there. A lot of fodder for conversation there.


If we do TMP I will join in


I would say do TMP and recommend the two-parter “Scorpion” from Voyager afterwards.


Ladies and Gentlemen, The Human Adventure is just Beginning :wink: . Yes, we are going to watch the much maligned Star Trek: The Motion Picture

In TMP, the crew of the Enterprise is reunited, many years after the 5 year Mission when a mysterious and immensely powerful alien cloud known as V’Ger approaches Earth, destroying everything in its path. Admiral James T. Kirk resumes command of his previous starship to lead it on a mission to save the planet and determine V’Ger’s origins.

So enjoy (or not…Opinion is divided on this one) and come back and share your thoughts.

@Lorcan_Nagle - can you please use your magic mod powers and switch over the thread title?



Ahhh…Star Wars and all of that excitement and adventure…There aren’t any 6 minute scenes where we introduce the ship in exhaustive detail and I have always felt that Star Wars was all the poorer for it.



TMP, huh? I knew I picked the wrong week to stop dropping acid!


So I shall soon start commenting on the Shatnerverse novels :slight_smile: