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Star Trekkin' Across the Universe: Discussing The Porgs


While Voyager was not the best series, I would suggest we do one from it for balance. Maybe Scorpions?


A friend of mine auditioned for the role of Chakotay. I still remember helping him prepare.


While it’s all well and good to say nice things, every once in a while the ol’ spleen needs to be vented. Code of Honor should do that.


From my Quora feed:

What made Star Trek: Voyager so unpleasant to watch?


I answer a fair few Trek questions on Quora but decided to avoid that one like a ten-foot bargepole.


IMHO, ST:V was just too early. Had it been produced even five years later, Television would have been breaking out of it’s episodic format into stuff that had some longer story arcs and Voyager would have naturally gone that way. That could have made Voyager good. Even great.

Really interesting observation. A decade later, Voyager would have been Battlestar Galactica and we’d be talking about the boldest Trek series ever.


And it’s always worth noting that Ron Moore quit Voyager shortly after moving to the writing staff once DS9 finished up, and applied many of the ideas he had for the show to BSG instead.


I’d completely forgotten that he was involved with both.


So we have a dead heat between Tapestry and Threshold (both taking 33% of the vote).

Shall we do Tapestry (because it was asked for ages and ages ago) and then get to Threshold in a couple of weeks? And possibly the Voyager Scorpion one that @Todd mentioned.


Sounds like a plan!


And hopefully everyone will forget about doing Threshold in the interim



I really struggle to remember any very good episodes of Voyager. The two-part Scorpion is one that I do remember as being pretty decent but I haven’t seen it since it first aired 20 years ago.


Caretaker is actually really good as well, I rate it as the best of all the Trek pilot episodes. And there’s a handful of good episodes down through the years. Just significantly fewer than all the other series.


Okay. Let’s go with Tapestry.

However I am going to suggest that we try for a Threshold or another Voyager episode for next time out. And then something from Enterprise perhaps…I’m not overly familiar with either series, so if there are episodes that can stand toe to toe with the classics from TOS, TNG and DS9, I’m happy to hear suggestions. And if that’s too high a bar - if there are episodes which are mildly diverting and reasonably enteraining. :wink:

In any case - Tapestry

“Tapestry” is the 15th episode of the sixth season of the American science fiction television series Star Trek: The Next Generation, the 141st overall. It was originally released on February 15, 1993, in broadcast syndication. Ronald D. Moore was credited with writing the episode, but the basis of the story was a collaborative effort from the writing crew. “Tapestry” was directed by Les Landau, with the title coming from executive producer Michael Piller.

In this episode, Q (John de Lancie) allows a supposedly deceased Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) to re-visit a pivotal event in his youth that he since regrets. Picard changes the past, but upon returning to the present he finds that it made him the man he became. He returns once more to the past and returns it to the way it originally took place. Picard wakes up in the present, unsure if the events took place or if it was as a result of his injury.

A number of previously screen used props were used, including some from the 1956 film The Ten Commandments, and from previous episodes. The white room scenes were problematic as there were concerns that the all-white robe worn by de Lancie would make him appear to be a floating head on camera. While Moore was pleased with the episode, Piller was not and some fans complained that it glorified violence. “Tapestry” received Nielsen ratings of 13.8 percent, and critics responded very positively with praise directed to the chemistry between Stewart and de Lancie.

Enjoy and come back here and talk about it.

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Tapestry to me was the Star Trek version of “This is your life”.It was one of the best Q episodes and used him really well.

I liked the scenes of Picard’s early years at the Academy, how chickening out of that fight cost him dearly. It was a shame that we never did find out about the careers of Picard’s friends in later episodes, but I digress…

The best part to me was the ending when Q told off Picard. In the show, it seems all the time that when the Enterprise crew face an advanced life form the humans are in the right with an elevated moral insight. This time however, Picard was in the wrong and Q told him so, how he never did adventurous rescues of the ambassador or taking charge of a ship and definitely no position of command.

Picard never forgot that lesson and we got to see a side of Picard we never saw before.


That’s a pretty good assessment. It is a little bit like It’s a Wonderful Life where Picard looks back at what he thinks were the mistakes of his, only to find out that he’s the richest guy in town (metaphorically speaking).

It is interesting that this shows a different side to Q. He’s playful, but ultimately he is there to help Picard. John deLancie is fantastic in it.

It is an interesting character study of how Picard came to be. We see his reckless nature as a young man. His callousness towards women and how awkward he has become (calling a woman “handsome” :laughing:). I’m not sure of the exact timing of when this show went out, but at this point we only had Picard and Kirk to compare and contrast. Kirk was the all action, ladies man. Picard, by contrast, was a more mature, diplomatic Captain. And let’s be honest, compared to Kirk, he always came across a bit of a wishy washy liberal who couldn’t make a decision without speaking to the barmaid (maybe a little unfair).

It is nice to see where he came from. This episode goes a good way to showing us the passion behind Picard. This is a great character study and some great writing by Ron Moore. It seems to go without saying that Patrick Stewart is fantastic in it.

As a postscript, I will mention that in in the spin-off novels, based after Nemesis, Picard is still the Captain of the Enterprise and is now seen as something of a maverick.


Hell there’s the Picard Doctrine in the books.


Not watched Tapestry for my post yet, but in the meantime here’s a few Voyager recommendations:

Series 1:
Caretaker (Voyager is taken into the Alpha Quadrant)
The Phage (The Vidiians steal Neelix’s lungs. Sadly, he survives)
Eye of the Needle (Voyager finds a microscopic wormhole to the Alpha Quadrant)
Prime Factors (Voyager encounters a race with spacefolding tech, but they also have a Federation-style prime directive)
State of Flux (There’s a traitor on Voyager sending data to the Kazon)
Learning Curve (Tuvok struggles with integrating some Maquis crewmembers)

Series 2:
The 37s (Voyager encounters descendants of humans abducted from 20th century earth)
Initiations (Chakotay gets caught up in a young Kazon’s rite of passage)
Alliances (Voyager gets caught up in Kazon internal politics)
Meld (A serial killer is uncovered in the crew. Tuvok’s attempts to understand him via mind meld prove dangerous)
Death Wish (A Q arrives on Voyager, looking to kill himself)
Deadlock (Voyager is split in two by a weird space thing)
The Thaw (Paris and Kim are tormented by a VR clown)
Basics (Voyager is captured by the Kazon, Janeway and the crew are left stranded on an alien world)

Series 3
Flashback (Tuvok suffers from an illness that seems to be related to his time on the USS Excelsior during the events of Star Trek VI)
Future’s End (Voyager is attacked by a 29th Century Federation ship and both are sent to 20th century Earth)
The Q and the Grey (The Voyager crew get caught up in a civil war in the Q continuum)
Unity (Chakotay finds himself stranded on a world with former Borg drones)
Before and After (Kes comes unstuck in time and sees a future life on Voyager as she travels backwards to the present day)
Real Life (The Doctor makes a family on the holodeck, but tragedy unfolds when he accepts a challenge to make it more real)
Worst Case Scenario (The crew enjoys a holodeck program about a Maquis uprising on the ship. And shockingly it goes wrong!)
Scorpion (Voyager and the Borg need to work together against a more dangerous foe)

Series 4
The Raven (Seven flashes back to her childhood and assimilation by The Borg)
Year of Hell (A time-manipulating ship alters history, leading Voyager’s journey to become far more dangerous)
Message in a Bottle (The Doctor travels to the Alpha Quadrant via a mysterious communications array)
The Killing Game (The Hirogen take control of the ship and force the crew to fight in holodeck programs based on their race’s history)
The Omega Directive (Voyager has to prevent a Delta Quadrant race from discovering a particle that can lead to massive destruction)
Living Witness (Centuries in the future, The Doctor attempts to correct a race’s history of the Warship Voyager)
Hope and Fear (Voyager finds a Federation ship with a Quantum Slipstream drive, but all is not what it seems)

Series 5
Drone (Seven’s nanoprobes and the Doctor’s mobile emitter accidentally create a Borg drone with technology from the future)
In the Flesh (Voyager encounters a recreation of Starfleet Academy by Species 8472)
Timeless (15 years after Voyager was destroyed in an attempt to return home, Harry attempts to travel back in time and rescue his friends)
Latent Image (The Doctor discovers his memories have been tampered with)
Bride of Chaotica! (Aliens misinterpret Tom’s 1940s SF serial holodeck program as an attempt to invade their continuum)
Dark Frontier (Janeway and Seven contend with the Borg Queen)
Relativity (Seven is recruited to travel back to before Voyager launches to prevent it from being destroyed by an old opponent)
Equinox (Voyager encounters a Federation science vessel that’s been trapped in the Delta Quadrant for years, and hasn’t done as well for themselves)

And looking at episode lists I’ve not seen enough of series 6 and 7 to make any recommendations!


I read all that and really wanted all those hours back.