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Star Trekkin' Across the Universe: Discussing The Porgs


i remember that coming out - I might pick it up in this sale while it’s cheap and read after I watch the epsiode


I’m conscious that I never did a post on Darmok…I wanted to write it in the style of the episode and give it to you totally through metaphor.

Turns out that learning how to think in an entirely different way is really, really hard to do…which I guess is the lesson of the episode.

I had never seen the episode before a couple of months ago. @ParkerMcCombe recommended it. It is really well thought out. Yes it has aliens with latex makeup. Yes it has some dodgy effects. But it has a group of aliens with a totally different way of thinking and communicating information. It isn’t just that they are a bit warlike or really greedy. They are really, really different.

Bringing it all down to the planet reminded me a little of that movie Hell in the Pacific.

I also watched The Inner Light for the first time on the same evening. Mrs. Jones likes Star Trek, but doesn’t necessarily want to watch every single episode with me. She came into the room a couple of minutes into it. She perched on the arm of the sofa and didn’t leave until the credits rolled at the end. She shed a little tear.

In any case, to get back to the original question - can I please get some suggestions regarding what we’re going to watch over the next while? It looks like Discovery isn’t going to coming along until later in the year. And I’m aware that we have watched some Original Series, TNG, DS9, but haven’t watched either Voyager or Enterprise. Or any of the movies. Or any fan films.

So let me know what you think.

I favour Tapestry as our next viewing experience. What say you?


And I’m aware that we have watched some Original Series, TNG, DS9, but haven’t watched either Voyager or Enterprise. Or any of the movies. Or any fan films.

Voyager? I nominate Threshold. That episode will give us a LOT of material to argue about.



Woodward’s art is superb too.


The purchase has been made !

I’ll start the epsiode tonight in bed, but I’ve had a bottle of wine so i don’t know how far thru I’ll get before crashing out.


What’s the good episode from season 1 of TNG called? I say we watch that sometime.


I know this ain’t it:


Which is ironic, because the only person I’ve ever heard mention Scotty dealing drugs on the Enterprise in the episode is Harlan Ellison. It’s like, he’s constantly denying it to the point where everyone knows about it. I wasn’t even aware there was a rumor about it until I read that book.


You still have six films before TNG.

Arguably, you have six and-a-bit films.


Though if you want to go through production order, only 4 films.


He is not skipping The Animated Series, isn’t he?


I’m definitely skipping the animated series


You must see The Infinite Vulcan and the sequel to the Tribbles episode!


Seriously, I wouldn’t. The animation is complete shit but a lot of the stories are quite good. I have rewatched it recently after not seeing it for decades and was surprised at how well the writing held up.


We watched a couple of episodes as part of this thread. Yesteryear is genuinely brilliant.

So maybe it could be worth checking it out.


Yep, I was being serious before. There is some weirdness, the animation is stiff, but there are some fun things in the animated series.


Getting back to what we watch next, does anyone have any strong feelings? Here’s a poll to jog people’s thinking

  • Star Trek: The Slow Motion Picture
  • Tapestry: Classic Album by Carol King (TNG)
  • Threshold: I’ve never seen Voyager, so literally can’t think of a joke
  • Something from Enterprise
  • Something from DS9…because everyone likes DS9
  • Something else…post below.

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The good episode from season 1 of TNG. :smile:
About Picard? With a flute perhaps? I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen it.

Your suggestions are probably better.


Picard with a flute is series 5!

If we were to to a TNG series 1 episode that isn’t Encounter at Farpoint, I’d suggest either a decent one (Conspiracy or The Neutral Zone would be my suggestions) or a really awful one, like Code of Honour.