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Star Trekkin' Across the Universe: Discussing The Porgs


Well well well…

Don’t all thank me at once.


For what?


Words seem inadequate.

How would you like to be thanked?





I will give you cuddles now little Tribble.


There’s a first. I’ve never been called a little Tribble before.


Well, when was the last time you were on a Starfleet command ship?


I can be anywhere you want me to be.


Of course you can, little tribble.


:thinking: Nope… I can’t respond with that.

Definitely can’t say that out loud either. :blush:

…Tim, you are trouble!


So, do we want to go on to something else? We’ve had suggestions going back a while: Tapestry, Darmok, doing all the pilot episodes?

I was also thinking it might be fun to do a movie. TMP would be rife for discussion.


I would be up for Darmok.

I think we should save the first episodes till be get closer to Discovery debuting.


I feel remiss in not touching on the Tribble episodes… With the exception of the Animated series episode, I had seen them before. They are that rarity in Star Trek - funny episodes that are actually funny. There are a couple of others. The Magnificent Ferengi is great (possibly just because Iggy Pop is in it). But these work really well.

I gave up on Star Trek much earlier than @Lorcan_Nagle I think, but somehow I saw Trials and Tribble-ations. I remember that there was a big fuss made over the way that the DS9 characters were integrated into existing footage, a la Forrest Gump. I am not sure how I saw it. But yes, Worf is brilliant in it.

The two Department of Temporal Investigations Agents were subsequently spun off into their own series of novels, which I have enjoyed. Edit: Basically it is the story of two obsessive compulsive time detectives in the Star Trek universe. What’s not to like?

In answer to the other point, I am happy with any of the suggestions. I am conscious that we went with a crowd pleasing thing…and prompted very little discussion at all. So something a bit more challenging or contentious might be a good idea. I know that Alx suggested Tapestry a while back,


So, you consume food and breed?


I… :confounded:

:laughing: Oh, I don’t know…They’re sort of cute.

I just like the sound of the name tribble when it’s said with an Aussie accent. :blush:


That’s sort of a personal question there Ben, isn’t it? :wink:


Hey, da lady said she was a tribble, what’s a guy to do?

EDIT: Anyone new reading this thread for the last few posts is going to be so very confused.


This is different from anything that happens on Millarworld on any given day, exactly how?


Hmm, true dat.