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Star Trek: Discovery - Series 2 and tie-in media discussion (spoilers for s2e6)



Well I enjoyed the Episode and it was probably needed in moving a good few things forward.

Though I have to admit the sudden change in pace after the last few episodes was jarring a little. Had I not been taking with Tilly and Stamets characters plus intrigued by ash/voq I wouldn’t have found it so good.

I like Burnham to a good extent but the crews supporting characters and cast are so good at the minute.


I don’t think everyone has switched their brain off, Burnham is emotionally compromised and Cornwell simply doesn’t understand how dangerous Georgiou is having not experianced time with Terrans before. Everyone else is like “wtf?”

On the subject of Michael’s inconsistant behaviour, that’s nothing new and what I’ve come to take as a continual struggle to control her emotions - clearly a big deal for someone brought up as Vulcan. While she can have hope and faith in Mirror Georgiou, she’s not been betrayed by her personally. Tyler betrayed her personally and she can’t find the same hope and faith because she’s so broken hearted.

Edit: I do agree with @Jacowboy that Burnham/Tyler is a bit boring compared to everything else.


Burnler or Tynham?


Burnler all the way.


It’s clear as well that the audience isn’t being let in on all of it. We don’t know what the master plan Georgiou has is, it could necessitate that ruse.

Cornwell doesn’t know what Terrans are like but Sarek saw it via the mind meld and he also seems to be on board with it.

That bit doesn’t bother me too much, maybe the easy acceptance of the crew on the bridge is a stretch though.




The only people who know Georgiou is actually the Emperor are Saru, Burnham, Sarek, Cornwell, and that mop-headed transporter tech. She was beamed direct to her quarters and wasn’t let back out until the con was on.


They just went over to a parallel universe where they encountered their doppelgangers and learned that their captain was one all along, they return to their own universe and all of a sudden another captain long thought dead just happens to return? If the rest of the crew doesn’t put two and two together then I would worry about their ability to work on a spaceship…


I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s a plot point next week, actually. Especially as Detmer also knew Georgiou personally.


I’m fairly sure they’re aware she’s the terran Gregoriou… but there’s not much you can do when the admiral says “hey here’s your new captain”… I mean, what would they do? mutiny or pull a michael? even michael wouldn’t do that twice =P



And whatever the plan is, it’s likely to be excrutiatingly naive and to go south. I’m willing to bet it’s one of those (quite many) times where they’re sacrificing character and story logic to get a plot twist they wanted, damn everything else.

It’s alright, it’s the kind of show this is and it doesn’t bother me much.

I liked the episode, overall. It was nice to get a break and some time to deal with the shit that’s been happening, for once. Ash and Stamets meeting was painful - more so than Burnham and him, to me. And Saru having to hand the Captain’s chair and most of his authority over to the admiral made me angry on his behalf - I am very attached to the idea of him as captain of the discovery now.

And the big decision now being whether to kill the entire Klingon race or not, that’s a good way to end the first season.


Star Trek has gone from “discussing what happened” to discussing “What happened?”


It’s a tribute to both Doug Jones and the effects/prosthetics guys how easy it is to relate to him and see his emotions through the mask.


So, when’s The Orville back on?


It may not be back until early 2019.


The show is very well cast, but Jones as Saru is the standout for me.

He’s been playing characters under make-up for years, he needed a breakout role that showed he was a good actor as well as a good creature actor. Saru isn’t human, but he’s as much a person and as integral to the story as anyone else.

He’s in the TV pilot for ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ next, I was going to watch for it anyway, but his inclusion increases my interest.


What’s he playing in the pilot?

EDIT: Never mind, saw the tv thread.


Agreed that Jones is probably at this point the most compelling actor in the series. He got it much the way Saru became captain, after Jason Isaacs/Lorca…departed. That was my biggest concern about the episode, and series going forward. The loss of Isaacs creates a charisma vacuum. There are plenty of intriguing actors, characters in this thing, but it’s Isaacs who most consistently delivered. And now Jones.