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Star Trek: Discovery - Series 2 and tie-in media discussion (spoilers for s2e6)




Ever since the mid-season finale, Disco has been fucking awesome!


I think this post says it all. Another very enjoyable episode. I love how fast this show moves - some series benefit from a slow pace and close character examination and development, but this one is making the most of the breakneck speed and unpredictable plot to give you a strong sense of never knowing where things are going to end up next.

It works very well and helps to distract from the show’s weaknesses, which I’m not feeling anywhere near as strongly now as I did in the early episodes.


So when Stamets announced that they had arrived back home 9 months late was I the only one expecting him to present Saru with his baby?


Well, color me super frickin’ disappointed… yeah yeah the episode was fine and all, but what I liked the most so far in the whole series, turned out to be… not that =(

So instead of having this ultra-gigantic ship with a sun powering it, well… no, it turns out it was a slightly bigger ship with a magic space mushrooms ball powering it… :unamused:

Is there anything those ridiculous space shrooms can’t do?

What a wasted opportunity… u_u


This is pretty much a phrase that defines the Federation in general. To throw my two cents in I feel like Burnham was the embodiment of what it stands for, in this episode, especially with regards to Georgio. Her willingness to give her life to let Burnham escape made it impossible for a Starfleet Officer to leave her to die.


I agree, they manage to keep things unpredictable through a lot of fast occuring smaller incidents that play against what you think may happen so the main plot becomes unpredictable as an effect. It is papering over the cracks to some extent, but the pattern on the paper certainly looks awesome and the actors pasting it up are doing it with such energy and heart that it really doesn’t matter. It’s the most Star Trek show I’ve ever seen while somehow still managing to be the least Star Trek show I’ve ever seen which is a pretty neat trick to pull off in an era with so much good TV. I’m surprised how close I am to recommending it to non-Trek fans.


Well, I’m not a Trek fan and I can enjoy it just fine… warts and all (and there’s plenty alright)…


Yeah, I’ve never really followed much Star Trek in the past but I’m enjoying it.


I think it’s been an awesome ride. Not at all what I was expecting when it started out. I start each episode now with literally no good clue where things are going to end up.


The show is batshit insane. I can’t even determine if it is good or bad any more. My eyes certainly remain glued to the screen, though. It’s like Fast & Furious in space with its nose powder fuelled logic and tick box characters. Being indoctrinated in the Netflix ways of 13 episode seasons, I thought that this week was the finale. They wrapped up Lorca, made their way home, bagged Michelle Yeoh and ended on a cliffhanger for season two. Nope, two more episodes to go. Who the hell could guess where things will be by that point? I look forward to watching the madness unfold. Here’s hoping that at the very least Saru gets to remain captain. About time for a non human captain fronting up a series’ main ship.


Doug Jones honestly deserves nothing less.



It’s a series involving time-travel and parallel universes.

If you can’t think of a possible way for a dead character to return then you’re probably watching the wrong show.


I do like that when asked if Lorca is done on the show Isaac’s said he’s been lying about his character for a year at this point, why would you trust anything he says about him?


My new favourite theory is that the mushroom highway is actually the Q Continuum and that Stamets will somehow become the first Q, or create them, to protect it.


that’s bonkersdly awesome


That’s a cool theory, I could totally see him designing gadgets for Bond.


Neber thought about a F&F influence. The way they kill off characters, they’re certainly been watching Game of Thrones.

I also notice a strong cyberpunk influence – cyborgs, augments, Stamets jacking into networks, a morally dubious military commander who recruits a fugitive into his black ops operation…

This is definitely next-level Trek.

My only kvetch is that, with all of the crazy technology like spore drives, this probably would have worked better if it took place after the TNG era, post-Romulus destruction. The only thing that wouldn’t fit is Harry Mudd.


It’s his grandson.