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Star Trek: Discovery - Series 2 and tie-in media discussion (spoilers for s2e6)


That episode was fucking cool.

I think I’m not going to read hear again till the season ends. The speculation about Lorca really ruined the surprise, cause I wouldn’t have guessed it.

See you on the other side.



Just finished episode 11 and it was incredible.

I’ve been very up and down with regards to this series and theres been a few thing that have bothered me (none of which I’ll go into again if I can avoid it).

However, this episode was one of the single greatest episodes of Star Trek I’ve watched in any of the 6 live action iterations.
It was absolutely riveting and I feel this is the moment that Discovery really clicked for me (at least i hope that is the case).
I initially felt it was too early to do a mirror universe episode, as we have not really had the chance to get to know the characters yet - however, that was not the case because the direction they have taken with this has been a thrilling, dramatic and intelligent ride.

Totally blown away by it. Visually stunning, great performances, real take.your.breath.away suspense.

The tweak to the Andoran’s design is so subtle but amazing, I hope to see more of them.
And how much better are the Klingons when the are talking in English?
They no longer sound like a drunk with a kebab crammed in their mouth, shouting at passing hedgehog at 3am in the morning.

moan time
reading the speculation about Ash Tyler , followed by a spoiler on here when I opened up the thread one day - it massively spoiled a huge plot point of the series.

(I’ve just now saw a post above and I’m wondering what the is going to happen to Lorca now, so I don’t know if I’d be sensible staying away from this thread until the season is over and I’ve watched it all).

I know others don’t have the same issues with speculation as I do, but for me it completely ruins any sort of surprise element and I can’t adjust to this newer way of watching tv and reading comics where folk are ok knowing what is probably going to happen before hand.
I don’t have much time to watch tv these days and knowing what is going to happen or having speculation come to fruitition as an episode unfolds renders the experience quite pointless for me personally.

I’m not asking people not to speculate, because I know that is part of the fun and I wouldn’t like to ruin others enjoyment just because it’s not my thing…but…
Can we have some sort of rule for speculation where a bold warning is put up first?


I meant to say, in an earlier post in the thread, Lorcan put a heading ‘speculation:’ just about the paragraph where he was speculating about something, and I just skipped by it without seeing another word.
Something like that would be idealz


Episode 12

Fuuuuuuuuuuckin hell man


Yeah, that’s exactly what I thought had happened.

Speaking of Stamets and Culber, I think they finally managed to nail a believable relationship there - that was the first time I felt the chemistry. It’s a shame that’s the end of it.


Just read your ep 11 post and thought: Right, how’s he going to find the next one? Scrolled down and… :laughing:

It’s really excellent.


It’s been absolutely brilliant, I couldn’t not watch on and I wish I had ep13 to watch next.

I’m too excited to go to bed now.


Could I get you some warm milk?

We have green!


I love the plotting of this show. They’ve pulled two twists now that I kind of saw coming, but didn’t think they’d do because it’d be too crazy. So, hats off to the show for that! And I love how insane the speed is, how quickly things move along. You could’ve made three seasons off of the stuff that’s been going on in these twelve episodes.

On the other hand, the execution is often still very clunky. The actors are doing a great job, which is a big part of why it all still works, but man those dialogues are often not good at all, and the details of the actions taking place are often not convincing. Latest example is Burnham telling Mad Emperor Philippa everything she knows, most importantly how to cross over from one unsiverse into the other. Yeah, I am sure that is exactly the kind of information you want to give a power-mad dictator who has finished conquering their own universe.

I suppose that’s the drawback of the speed in which things develop - they needed the dialogue to turn expository so they could get to the Lorca revelation at the end of the episode.


One thing that was picked up on with the recent revelations:

The soon-to-be-out book Drastic Measures is a tale of Georgiou and Lorca, ten years before Discovery.

Now with the new info, that means the book will be the first look at Prime Lorca and how he differs from his Mirroverse double.


So, as to Lorca, I am assuming he’ll be gone after this season. It kind of makes sense for Isaacs not to be tied too tightly to a role like this.

On the other hand… there are still possibilities here, aren’t there?
a) Lorca has goals that actually make sense and he doesn’t just want to be Emperor himself. His last line this ep made him look like a dick, but maybe that was just an act, getting into Mirrorverse mood. So maybe he won’t be the bad guy after all.
b) Prime Lorca will make a return. It makes the most sense to assume he died with the Buran. I am with Steve in mourning the character’s story, by the way - a captain who killed his own crew rather than see them fall into enemy hands was a great backstory, and it’s a shame it’s gone. Anyway: Probably safe to assume that Prime Lorca actually didn’t jump ship and died with his crew. On the other hand, maybe he didn’t - maybe MV Lorca kidnapped him and kept him around to provide the information necessary for MV Lorca to navigate his way through Starfleet and become captain of the Discovery.

In that case, we might see Prima Lorca as the Captain of the Discovery in the next season. Which would be pretty cool.


Star Trek Discovery: The Light of Kahless # 2 is excellent.

It really enriches this Discovery universe and it’s a really worthy companion to the tv series.

It’s adding some much needed depth to the some of the key Klingon players and to the race overall.

Highly recommend it for you trade waiters.


It will be mine! In May! Q’apla!

Couple of other things:

  • Anyone who has enjoyed Kirsten Beyer’s work on both the comic and show, should seek out her Voyager books. Go in with no expectations and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. (Plus wondering why the show couldn’t be like these books.)

  • Also, anyone enjoying the darker tinge on the Federation here should give the Vanguard books a try. Set at the same time as the Original Series, it’s an epic side story that does cameos brilliantly. If you do decide to check it out, do so digitally or it’ll cost you a bomb.

Neither set of books are, technically, ‘canon’, but they’re damn entertaining.


(Ah, no Star Trek book is canon. Except novelizations. But only the material that was featured on screen.)


Yeah, but what’s been quite cool for a good while is canon does not prevent continuity, so while it hasn’t ‘happened’, there’s been a concerted push to link the stories up and they’ve succeeded and maintained that for ages. Arguably better than say, Star Wars.


Honestly, they lost me when they went overboard with continuity. Crossover like sagas across multiple books, etc. I lasted until the first DS9 post series hardcover and the Mission Gamma books IIRC.


The next episode is minutes away from starting.

S01E13 - “What’s Past is Prologue”

Lorca plans to move forward with a coup against the emporer;
Burnham must make a quick decision to save not only herself, but the U.S.S. Discovery.



Ka - frickin’ Boom! That was an episode. Didn’t think they’d do it all in one. Wow!

Good action all around. Could’ve been 2-3 episodes.
Nice to see my naughty Cylon girl again.
Didn’t want to see all those deaths. Would’ve liked to come back to this every now and then (with familiar faces).

Could easily be a cliched ending ('cause we all know they’re going to find a way) but I’m a sucker for that shit, and I think their next step will go astray again and set up next season.

Would love to see the final scene of the season have Picard on the viewscreen; “Resistance is Futile…”


The books have been operating on their own continuity since about the ‘80s. They’ve been giving fans a consistent idea of what the franchise is since before there was a franchise, before there was anyone besides Kirk. And the books since Picard debuted have maintained that. That’s why these Star Trek books have survived in the same mode where the Star Wars books haven’t. Timothy Zahn got a late start, comparatively. And the books that followed pushed a lot further a lot faster, right from the start. But a lot of Star Trek fans basically know everything they know about Romulans, say, from Star Trek books, stuff that will never be reflected in a movie or TV show.


I read ST novels from the 80s to the mid 90s when I burned out on them. Novels conflicted continuity with each other. Authors of multiple books had a mini-continuity among the ones they wrote themselves but there was no standard or established continuity for the novels as a whole.