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Star Trek: Discovery - Series 2 and tie-in media discussion (spoilers for s2e6)


The question that keeps nagging me (and apologies if I missed the explanation of this or I’m being stupid) is what happened to the Mirror-Discovery? Did it switch places with ‘our’ Discovery and so cross into the regular universe, or is it still in the Mirror universe somewhere?

If it switched, does that mean it could be causing havoc in the regular universe that will have to be cleared up once they get back? And if it didn’t, then aren’t the Discovery crew running a pretty high risk of running into the other Discovery in the Mirror universe?


I wouldn’t put anything past Gabriel. I think all bets are off.


It reminded me a bit of the Eye of Harmony in the TARDIS.


I’m going with the Erikson answer: “Space. It’s fucking big.”


The Mirror Discovery is no doubt causing problems of some sort, but if everyone on it is smart then they’re laying low and pretending to be non-Mirror versions of themselves most of the time (and excusing the absence of the crew that aren’t onboard, like the correct Captain!) while they figure out how to get back to their universe.

Or they may have gone full conquerer and be in the process of taking over the Federation!

It is a question that’ll have to be addressed at some point.


Photos from Episode 13:


Well, the last coordinates of Discovery where around the giant antenna planet, and the klingon fleet was converging there to take revenge from destroying the tomb ship…


That’s their kind of fun!




That’s what I was wondering. It would be fun if our Discovery finally escaped the Mirror universe only to find that their own had been wrecked in the meantime. (Notwithstanding whatever continuity problems this would throw up with the original series.)




Did we find out where Mirror Stamets is? Would it be safe to assume he’s aboard Imperial Discovery?


He is aboard the Charon, it was mentioned in dialogue and in one of the displays IIRC.


Ah. Okay.

  • TPB for The Light of Kahless in May.
  • A new mini called Succession, “an adventure tied directly into the second half of the first season”, so it should cover Imperial backstory surely.


I’m deliberately behind on the thread

episode 11
Was there an uproar about a scantily clad Burnham in her nightwear?


Not that I noticed


Mirror Universe Tilly’s hair is cool as fuck…


According to After Trek, it takes hours to get Mary Wiseman’s hair like that each morning.


You’re just asking for that gif now, aren’t you.