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Star Trek: Discovery - Series 2 and tie-in media discussion (spoilers for s2e4)


NOW I want to see the damned thing.

Every time I think I got out, they keep dragging me back in!


Circling back to the first Short Treks, “Runaway”…Yeah, I agree with Lorcan. Rough going.


Did he not say he enjoyed it?


He said he did, but that was about it.

Anyway, to clarify, I thought it was okay. Relatively interesting, but rough.




… would what would produce dust on a spaceship?


Have you ever seen Red Dwarf?


They were prefer to be called crimson little people.


The TV show Red Dwarf, not a Red Dwarf


I actually haven’t though I know of it.



The one that ended in 1993, right?


The Bodies.


The End was in 1988.


The new IDW title Star Trek: Discovery — Captain Saru will be a prestige-format one-shot comic, coming in February 2019. The comic is written by veteran Trek comics writer Mike Johnson and Star Trek: Discovery writer Kirsten Beyer, who have paired up on IDW’s previous Discovery tie-ins. Art is being done by Angel Hernandez with a cover by Paul Shipper.


Why are we getting so many one-shots right now?


Now, we’ve got a trailer (and a title—“Calypso”) for the Aldis Hodge-starring short, which depicts a lone man apparently trapped on a version of the Discovery with nobody but a giggling AI for company. The most revolutionary thing about the trailer (so far, at least) isn’t what it’s about, though, but when: A title card seen in the tease claims that it takes place “1000 years after Discovery ”, which, if true, means that this is the furthest into Star Trek ’s future that the franchise has ever ventured.



Oh, and the second short was really nice.


Good to hear.