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Star Trek: Discovery - Series 2 and tie-in media discussion (spoilers for s2e4)


It’s not on Netflix in the US and Canada, it’s on CBS streaming, your time is the same as mine it seems.


ah alright… that explains it… so they must’ve watched it on CBS then…


Oh, boy. That speech. Burnham spouting like a toddler who has just returned from a time out and her parents have asked her what she learned. Delivering it with her back to the audience so she can address her own crew and Admiral Genocide. Complete with disjointed cuts to people looking at their medals. Starfleet making a big celebratory song and dance about the crew to a ship that got lost for 9 months, was under the command of an evil impostor, was then once again put under the command on another evil impostor, was sent off to kill billions of beings, changed tactics due to a mutiny instigated by a convicted mutineer, left the Klingon empire in the hands of a fanatical crazy scientist and her Klingon-Human hybrid boy toy, enabling the Klingons to disguise themselves as Humans, letting the mass-murdering emperor from another dimension go free and also carting around with a spore drive despite it apparently violating several eugenics laws?

If there is a TMZ in this universe it will certainly not be short of material.

Meanwhile, in spite of all of that, they will gladly reinstate Burnham and promote Tilly and yet not make Saru the permanent captain? Despite him being the only one among them to be a stable, understandable character and a Starfleet officer who actually seemed to consistently act in accordance with Starfleet ethics? Grr. Argh.

Really, there should have been a thorough, lengthy investigation of the entire crew while the ship was inspected in minute detail, the spore drive dismantled to be researched in a safe environment, with crew members being assigned elsewhere as and when they are cleared of any wrong doing and/or actually being Klingons and/or actually having genocidal tendencies.

Oh, and what the hell was that finale in the Klingon cave?

Burnham: Give me the detonator!

Georgiou: Meh. Bye, then.

Burnham: Here, L’Rell, you take the detonator and end the war.

L’Rell: I guess…

Tyler: I’ll come too since you’re my former captor/torturer/rapist even though I’m totally not Voq because I had a boat and Klingons don’t have boats.

Klingons Everywhere: We’re on the verge of destroying the Federation but we’d better just head home now because some other nutjob has proclaimed themselves the leader even though that seems to happen every other day.

Starfleet: Hooray!

Three hopes for season two:

It begins with Tilly saying “Wow, that shit with the Enterprise was so fucking cool” and then it is never discussed again.

Stamets loses the plot and becomes convinced that Hugh is inside the Starfleet medal he got for him and starts having out-loud conversations with it. He can set it up with its own little toothbrush and everything.

We do not meet Young Spock (although I get the feeling this is inevitable).


I love that name!



Personal journeys of self-discovery; the sundering and reformation of family units


Er, was this guy watching the same Mirror World political allegory as me?


No, he was watching the Mirror version with Mirror Parker, who has the best goatee on Earth.


I agree with some of it, but it’s not a forgettable series, too much of it was too good for that.


Mine arrived and is sitting on the giant stack on my bedside cabinet - I’m thinking about waiting a few months and staggering this and the one that comes out in June/July and letting them bridge the time gap until season 2.


The article pretty much collapsed for me after this bit:

If it was a warning about meddling with technology you don’t understand, how come the spore drive worked so successfully for much of the war?

It really, really didn’t.


The final episode really showcased the series’ weaker points. A lot of it was either stupid or corny, and sometimes both.

Still, it was a good first season of a Star Trek show. I hope they iron out the flaws in the next season.


A season finale should let you know what you think of a show, especially a serialized one. So at least now you know.


The official accounts released an epilogue for Season 1… SPOILERS!


Watched 14 & 15

Been waiting for the chance to watch both back to back since 15 aired.

Bit of a drop off from the previous 3 episodes.

Overall I enjoyed it but even for me I felt a lot of it didn’t really make sense in terms of decisions made and actions of certain characters - and I generally switch off to that stuff and don’t go looking for it

I could have really done without speeches at the end, sounded like some of the shite my wife watches. We don’t need spoon fed in the form of a speech it’s all been laid on pretty thick as it is.

Overall it’s a good show and I enjoyed the cliffhanger a lot.


I’d say that’s well worth watching for everyone as a post credits scene.


That’s pretty awesome. It’s also interesting that Section 31 seems to be Deep Space Nine’s enduring legacy.


How is it a retcon when Enterprise is the later series?


Good stuff, after the lacklustre final episode that scene reminds me that I enjoyed the show a lot. :slight_smile:


It’s a retcon because Section 31 was never mentioned until Deep Space Nine. For some, that means it didn’t exist until Deep Space Nine. Which of course is silly. Clearly Scotty was a miracle worker because he kept pulling out secret Section 31 tech whenever he was absolutely forced to. Which was of course because of Kirk, necessary literally every mission.