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Star Trek: Discovery - Series 2 and tie-in media discussion (spoilers for s2e4)


I can buy Tyler and Burnham being the way they are, it’s Cornwall and Sarek that I find harder - thus it must be going somewhere!

It’s also a weakness of watching week-to-week, blitzed as a set, I don’t think it’d be as difficult because you just trust it’s going somewhere and hit the next ep.

It was but I really liked how it was done.


So, tonight is the season finale, so a heads up if you are not going to watch it the second it goes live on CBS All Access: the official account and a bunch of the crew and cast will be live tweeting the episode, so silence or stay away from social media if spoilers will affect your enjoyment:


Yeah, I’ve learned to stay away. They always post clips on Youtube as soon as the episode airs too, with spoiler-y titles.



I have no idea when it goes live on CBS All Access, just been assuming it’s the same time as me (5:00 Pacific - 8:00 Eastern on Space in Canada and goes a little over an hour with commercials).

Anyways, it’s close to starting…


"Will You Take My hand?"
The crew struggles with Georgiou’s hostile plan to end the war with the Klingons;
Burnham faces painful memories.


You’ve been warned…


It should be uploaded sometime during the next half hour.


Finished… no spoilers yet.

But there is one thing I will be dying to discuss.


la laaaaaa la la la-la-la :notes:


It’s going to be a llllooooonnngggg wait for season two…


I wish netflix would release stuff at the same time everywhere… u_u


Just to be a dick…

Here’s a link to image from the final scene…

Beware of things you might not want to know going into the episode, for here is the mother of all spoilers…


Yeah. And here I thought the big development would be the new captain. But this is pretty huge.


Ok, so I have a little time before work this morning, took a look at it.

I don’t have a lot of good things to say and I will spoiler text this for now;

So the Admiral (and therefore the writers) went with the assumption that the crew are idiots? All the word play about “tough Kelpians” and pretending Mirror Georgiou was their Georgiou? That was a waste of time, heavy hand and dull.

Then they continued with Mirror Georgiou having total control, the Admiral doesn’t put any supervision or restraint in place? I can understand that she wants the tactical assistance but putting Georgiou in the chair as Captain was still dumb as a box of rocks.

And then we spend the middle of the episode hanging out in an Orion Market???

As a climax to a series that’s been pretty damned good this was just… it was a waste of my time.

Oh, and Georgiou is going to go off and kill people. Basically they sent her off to be that universe’s next gangster/warlord.

I am really disappointed. I hope everyone else liked it more, which wouldn’t be difficult.


So, the conclusion to the war arc was kinda anticlimactic, but short of actually letting Mirror Georgiou commit an atrocity there was going to be some talky talky way to finish it off. And well, this is Star Trek.

But DISCO hasn’t really been about the plot, and more about the character journey, especially Burnham. Her redemption feels mostly earned to me, her relationship with Voq/Tyler worked out very well, especially given they’ve only really had three big scenes in which to do a lot of the heavy lifting. I’d have liked a bit more of Sarek and Burnham though. His attitude towards her in Lethe and her final words to him that episode were all about them javiong to have another confrontation to work out their differences, but that was largely missing from last week, and here he’s just like “you are my daughter”. It’s convenient and probably the part of the plot that requires the most polyfilla. But if we’re getting a DISCO/Enterprise crossover next year, then hopefully there’ll be some covering of that in a Spock/Burnham/Sarek three-way… discussion

As a first series, DISCO has been well above the Trek average (I’d say TOS had great one, TNG bad, DS9 OK, VOY OK-ish, ENT ???), and while the last episode could have been better, overall this has been a success. My hopes for next year - fewer behind the scenes upheavals, especially with the writing staff, a bit more connective tissue for the plot side of the story, especially as a lot of the characters have concluded their principal emotional arcs, more time for the bridge crew, like an “Upper Decks” episode? Whenever Tilly is not on the screen, everyone should say “hey, where’s Tilly?”. Tilly should be angrier, and have access to a time machine (wait, she’s got like three of those just with the tech Discovery has on board)


Meh… last episode was kinda weak, but this one was really weak. Very lazy and anti-climatic and honestly just rushed, yet they took their time with the insufferable duo (burnham and tyler).

I’d love to be excited about that next season teaser but I’m afraid I’m not enough of a ST nerd to get all wet about it, I would’ve prefered something more exciting, but they went ahead and rushed the shit out of the plot… u_u

Oh well… it was rather good overall, but to be honest I can’t stand Michael in “character developpement” mode (she’s not very engaging either acting-wise or writting-wise), nor can I stand Tyler and his awful acting and contrived plot or Tilly and the subpar writting and personality they gave her (though it got much better towards the end)… So yeah, Saru, Stammets, evil Cpt and Georgiou were the better characters for me.


Tilly has been an interesting twist for Trek; she’s likely to be quite popular in the spinoff novels. There’s a lot more there to explore if they get the writers her character needs.


I see what you did there, Homer.

Also, Clint Howard!!! First classic guest-star in this new era, and about as classic as you can get. That was a great, great touch. He was also in Deep Space Nine, besides Baloc as a kid.


I laughed at “You fell asleep, and I’m an Orion”


So I’m guessing they blew all their budget last week with the spore scene, and that’s why we got another dull episode of Star Talk as the finale.

Even the end scene didn’t excite me that much. Just came off as a bit fan wanky to me.


Clint Howard is always fun. I know people who quote his 'That can’t happen!" line for ‘Apollo 13’ all the time at work.