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Star Trek: Discovery - Series 2 and tie-in media discussion (spoilers for s2e4)


The Secret Origin of Mr. Saru was a nice traditional trek story. :slight_smile:

Edit: To read post-watching the short


I watched the Short Treks. They’re interesting, but a little hit and miss.

They should keep making them though, trying things out like this is good.


They available in Uk, do you know?


Not officially. No.


Now there’s a carefully worded answer.




BTW, the season has added 1 episode, total count 14.


I watched The Brightest Star last night, and really liked it. As a brief character study it works better than Runaway, partially because Runaway didn’t give us any new information about Tilly, whereas this is all about Saru’s history. It’s more reinforcing what we do know about him rather than giving us more new information, but it’s interesting nonetheless. It’s also impressive how emotionally charged the scene where he says goodbye to his sister is, given the short runtime to that point.

And it was a very nice touch to have Georgiou be the one to meet him


The best one was ‘Calypso’, precisely because everything we found out was new. It’s still a familiar scifi story, but told well.

The other two are fine, perfectly good Star Trek just a bit rushed.



(this one isn’t blocked in some regions)


Like the look of that. The S31 mention neatly removes the problem of how dodgy the last couple of eps of S1 were too.


That looks jolly exciting.

I do hope they’ve managed to work out the kinks, mainly in the writing.


With Discovery I felt it took the first half of the series to work out the kinks and were on spot on by the end and I really enjoyed it, however they still do need to be more Star Trek. We all know what I mean by that.


We do and you’re right.

Where the other kinks are concerned, I felt that the show improved over the course of the season, but even with the last episodes, they were still very clunky.


I think I give it a lot of credit for some of the plot choices it made and some of the scenes, though I can see what you are saying. Did you watch the After Trek programme? It felt like there was too many cooks on the writing staff once or twice and maybe needed a stronger hand in showrunning.


Haven’t seen After Trek, but yeah, that sounds about right. I agree on the plot choices, too. The show had very strong elements, too, and I’m hoping season 2 will build on that potential.



The new short episode is so much fun.
Really making me excited for season 2 :grin:


Yay, it’s out!

Tilly story + McCormack = Buy

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