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Star Trek: Discovery - Series 2 and tie-in media discussion (spoilers for s2e4)


Pfft, next you’ll be telling me it was sabotage!!


Just like how we’ve sabotaged this thread.


Listen up, cause you can’t say nothing.


I wish I was a mod so I could shut this down with a push of a button!


Because you’re out and you’re gone?


No way, I can keep this on and on.


Well just be careful, because what you see you might not get.


I’m happy to bet on it so don’t go getting all souped up just yet.


This is like Bitcoin: you’re spending on a thing that’s a mirage.


That’s what I’ve been telling you, we’ve sabotaged the thread. Our backs are against the wall now!




Cause I know you bloody planned it!


Fine, I’ll set it straight, this Watergate.


Personally I’d prefer…


The Mirage!!


It seems to me that you’re scheming on a thing


Well now I feel disgrace cause you’re all in my face :tired_face:


Intergalactic planetary?


…Also, “Calypso” was really great. I agree.


Captain Saru one shot solicitation:

(W) Kirsten Beyer, Mike Johnson (A) Angel Hernandez (CA) Paul Shipper

An all-new Discovery adventure that ties directly into season 1 of the hit CBS All Access show! Soon after the events on Q’onoS, the Discovery receives a distress call from someone from Tilly’s past. It’s up to Commander Saru to lead the crew against this sinister alien threat in his first mission as acting captain!
In Shops: Feb 20, 2019


Trailer for Short Trek 3 at