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Star Trek: Discovery - Series 2 and tie-in media discussion (spoilers for s2e4)


I just looked up Aldis Hodge and okay, Leverage is where I know him from. That really, really irritated me - everything about him was so familiar, but I just couldn’t place it.

Like him a lot.


He was also trying out for the role of Black Panther.


I watched Calypso earlier and I loved it. It was a wonderful little character piece that had a great SF premise at its core. The relationship between Craft and Zora was a sketch and couldn’t be otherwise given the short runtime, but it was a very good sketch. It felt like a really good short story in the Star Trek universe, and I’m totally down for more little experiments like this in the future.

I love the idea that Discovery is just sitting there for the rest of Star Trek’s history, with the Enterprises, Defiant, Voyager and whatever comes next just flying by. I was intrigued by Michael Chabon writing this episode, and I’m really excited for what he’s going to bring to the Picard show now.


Calypso worked well. The characters themselves were interesting in and of themselves and the dialog was excellent. It also looked beautiful throughout. Very enjoyable little short story.


Did anyone read Drastic Measures, the second Discovery novel.

I’m struggling to get though it, I’m finding the writer really boring and I’m struggling to care about the story.

Just wondering if I’m alone here.


Ok, another Discovery novel related question.

Did Jame Kirk always grow up on Taurus IV or is this just been written into continuity after Drastic Measures?

His inclusion in the book has perked my interest up somewhat.


He lived on Tarsus IV for at least some of his teenage years, it was where he witnessed the food crisis that Governor Kodos bungled, mentioned in TOS episode The Conscience of the King


The rest of the time he was listening to the Beastie Boys.


Superb lorcan, thanks for that

This entire book is centred on the massacre on Taurus IV by Kodos, so now I know it’s based on some pre-existing cannon.



It’s a great episode, one of my favourites when I rewatched TOS a few years ago.


Ugh. I can’t stand it.


I planned it that way.


I know you planned it.


I’m glad you set me straight then.


Like that hotel I can never remember the name of…





Thats the one. Guess my crystal ball needs cleaned.


Did you know I’ve got this thorn in my side?


I noticed, but I was just sitting here wondering why.

Are you sure it’s real. And not an imaginary vision of some sort?


Oh my God! It’s a mirage!