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Star Trek: Discovery - Series 2 and tie-in media discussion (spoilers for s2e14)

I’m no expert but I think it’s a big, wide open canvas - no one has gone that far.

Voyager and Enterprise went as far as 29 or 30th century I think for some of the time travel enemies but Discovery has gone further still.

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Ah, like V’ger :+1:


What little we do know about the future, from “Calypso,” shows that humans seem to be involved in some kind of conflict, and are interested in knowledge and culture from the past.

It might be an interesting direction to take to, in the far future, have the Federation collapse and the galaxy falls into barbarism.

And then the Discovery shows up, carrying the big ball of knowledge, that can be used to rebuild a new Federation.

Which actually sounds a lot like Asimov’s Foundation series… and it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad direction for Trek to take in the far future. How did the Federation collapse? Internal conflict? Over extension? Attack from an outside entity? All three?


Been there, done that:


Never watched it. It always looked cheap and corny, and Kevin Sorbo always held zero appeal to me as an actor.


Let’s not bring that… :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve watched both seasons and thought it great. Both Isaacs and Mount the stand outs for me. Whilst I enjoyed TNG well enough at the time, it’s aged very badly. Worse than the original series which on the whole had better scripts and more charismatic actors. DS9, Voyager and The franchise killing enterprise were all pretty poor.

This has been much better with advances on Sfx making episodes look cinematic. Pikes Enterprise does deserve its own series based on what I’ve seen as well.

I thought there very little to criticise here.


Pretty much agree 100% I find most of TNG unwatchable as it is so cringingly dated. Way more than TOS. I’d absolutely love an Anson Mount Pike series, even if Ethan Peck looks about tweleve years old without a beard.


Ds9 = poor!?

I gave up on it. I came back towards the end for the Dominion war episodes but too many episodes were like homework. At least Voyager has 7 of 9.

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Finished season two. The second half was weaker than the first half as most of the time travel stuff doesn’t make sense/work. But the finale was pretty ballsy. Certainly makes me more interested in season 3.

With CBS expanding their Star Trek offerings I’d be interested in seeing a series with this Pike/Spock/Enterprise.


So…despite having enjoyed S2 E02, I got waylaid on Discovery…ended up watching another bunch of TNG episodes instead… and finally remembered to get back to it this weekend when I finished season 2 of Westworld…

I rewatched eps 1 and 2 and watched ep 3 tonight for the first time tonight. I thought it was fantastic. Lots going on and I think it was well handled so it felt fast paced without being overstuffed. This was the right amount of momentum for a 50 minute show for me, and where the likes of that last, frankly direly boring season of Dr Who, for example, has failed to occupy my mind enough to keep me watching.

I finally started to get into the Klingon’s, the switch to English being a big factor in that, as well as a return to actually being able to tell the fuckers apart by giving them hair and distinguishable looks.
Tilly was great after 2 eps of cringeworthy, forced material. The whole ‘ghost’ mystery worked really well for me.
Burnham is still personality-less, which remains a problem, but the introduction of Amanda and digging into the personal history with Spock is hopefully going to help solve that. I’m liking how the Red Angel thing is gradually playing out.
And Section 31 worked a bit better for me than I expected, but mostly because it looks cool and Georgiou is hot as shit…the whole thing doesn’t sit well alongside the Federation to me, plus the guy who Georgiou spoke to at the end looks like a dick.

My comments are probably totally irrelevant so far down the line from this being released for streaming but all in all a pretty great episode, and I feel less likely to get sidetracked this time.


I read the 3rd Discovery novel, Fear Itself this past week or two.

It was much better than the first two.
The book was better balanced and consistent throughout. It was a more enjoyable read and just much better written.

Swallow really went deep on the character stuff, so much so that this is an essential companion piece to the show. There’s a lot covered off here, obviously Saru being the biggest beneficiary.

It was tense throughout, the only time it came close to losing me was some of the space battles.

Great plot and great handling of the various races and relationships and tensions between each other and the federation.

A strong 8 pushing towards a 9/10


Still getting thru this really slowly, not thru any lack of desire, just lack of 50 straight minutes where I can give it my full concentration

I watched S02 E04 tonight.
My attention wavered a little at the start but once it got going there was a LOT to it.

Actually feel there was some bold decisions made here as well; some really off the wall and weird (in a good way) ideas, going all out on securing the Burnham and Saru bond and biggest of all Saru loosing his threat ganglia and as a result his constant life of fear.
Fear has defined Saru as a character up until now, in both the show and the novels and he’s been a fascinating character to get to know - he is unique and he brings forth a lot of philosophical and psychological debate for the viewer.

I’ve immersed myself a bit in Discovery thanks to the different angle and character building & reinforcement the novels bring, so my immediate instinct was it was the wrong move to do this…however giving it some thought; this series is not going to run forever and the change to Saru and his species status quo is going to bring about a lot of other story opportunities and character development, so I feel instead of making a bad choice they have gone all out not holding anything back for the future and just give it their all with the ideas.

It’s a different approach to much of the decompressed storytelling we see on tv and in comics etc and also a very different approach to Star Trek which obviously is traditionally done in one and any character or story arcs are very long form.

On another note, i came across rather dastardly and ridiculous spoiler in this month’s previews for this season of Discovery which I’m equal measures livid and gutted about.

I’m not going to mention what it is in the hope that I’ve somehow picked it up wrong but a timely reminder to get the rest of this watched before anything else is spoiled.


That’s a shame, the Spawn crossover works much better as a surprise.