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Star Trek: Discovery - Series 2 and tie-in media discussion (spoilers for s2e14)


I enjoyed this week’s ep as well. There were a few things Tilly said when talking about May, and Saru said when talking about how he kept his own culture to himself while indulging in other Federation species’ made me think a lot about my own behaviour and habits down through the years.

From a pedant perspective, I’m now trying to figure out the layout of engineering as a department on the ship. It was suggested last year that the Spore Drive chamber was in main engineering, and the warp core was behind the raised platform at the back of the room. But then, this episode basically states that Stamets isn’t the chief engineer, but that means that frequently he and Tilly are the only people in the engine room, and the rest of the engineering staff are… somewhere else?

Also, I ground my teeth a little bit every time someone said degrees kelvin.

But yeah, nitpicking aside, the ratcheting tension was done very well, and the universal tanslator messing up was amusing. The sphere was a nice traditional SF Big Dumb Object with some interesting ideas on display.

On Saru’s predicament, I was basically unsure what way they were going to go right until they didn’t kill him. It’s obviously a very Trek thing to have a character be on the verge of death and then pull through, but Doug Jones is a busy guy, and that makeup is very complex so I could see him leaving the show for a variety of reasons. But I’m obviously very glad he’s not.



Whenever Spock’s not onscreen, all the other characters should be asking, “Where’s Spock?”.



Spock should be emotionless, and have access to another time machine



Anyway, aside from the ‘search for Spock’ stuff getting a bit dull by this point, I quite liked that episode in general. Doug Jones is great and I thought the Tilly subplot was quite gripping (especially that wonderfully weird scene with the Bowie song). Plus all the language stuff at the beginning was fun.



I think it’s great Star Trek. Solid, meaty Trek. I have nit picking issues with the episode, like @Lorcan_Nagle, that really stood out against everything being so good apart from that. The same ones, as well as a jump cut between scenes in two different parts of Discovery that was really offputting because Michael was in both scenes, no decent reason why they had to use a drill than have someone come from sickbay (or were they trapped? But wasn’t Michael there? Was the transporter off-line?) and as much as I like Tig Notaro she is not a great actor and that’s okay in certain circumstances but not when she’s in a room with two extremely talented actors.

I agree with @DaveWallace, the song was great and really actually worked well in Trek. Even better than classical music like the Beastie Boys.



I didn’t like this episode at all. I even skipped a lot of chunks.



I was really hoping that, when prompted to sing her favourite song, Tilly was going to bust out into some Baby Shark. There’s not much point in trying for anything more substantial when in the middle of a scene that involves a space mechanic drilling into somebody’s head with their space Black & Decker (sterilised, of course).



Why do have this feeling that Tilly’s favourite song should actually be Nicki Minaj - Starships.



The thought that someone would be listening to Nicki Minaj in the twenty-third century is both depressing and horrifying.



What do you have against classical music?




Some have described poor Tilly like this.

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Between the head drilling and the obsession with fungi I’m starting to think this is all Egon Spengler fan fiction.



Tobin’s Star Trek Guide.



Bowie’s “Space Oddity” is appropriate for Stat Trek but a part of me really wishes Tilly had started belting this out…



We usually post that video on the 4th of May.

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That was good.

Some people loved this episode whereas I just liked it, and was glad I watched it, but only Jet Reno and the Bowie song were standouts.

Doug Jones was great, I wish his dialogue (and Michael’s) had been less exposition heavy, still, the acting compensated a lot.

I’m more interested in Tilly’s storyline than Spock’s eventual appearance now, but maybe that’ll change when he actually shows up?



I’ve realised what Tilly doing her ‘May’ voice reminds me of.

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Yes, I was thinking the same thing as I was watching.

They have thrown a curve-ball into Saru.
I (myself) like the character, but have reservations about him being in command of Discovery. I just don’t see it, but that doesn’t really matter as he hasn’t ‘sat-down’ yet in the captain’s chair while a higher ranking officer (Pike) is around.
But now they’ve gone and done something proactively to let his character grow.
Maybe I will see it.

Speaking of Pike, I might not be at ‘man-crush’ (and might never get there) but I do like him in the role. Works perfectly.
If we’re having anywhere from 7 - 27 Star Trek shows coming, a Pike-captained Enterprise one had better be part of the mix.

And Rebecca Romijn as “Number One” hit that fanboy note inside.
She looked very good and they got the updated retro look (I think that’s what I mean) perfect for her.