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Star Trek: Discovery - Series 2 and tie-in media discussion (spoilers for s2e14)


When did General Order One become the Prime Directive?



They’re basically synonyms. IIRC it was occasionally referred to as General Order 1 in TOS, but more commonly as the Prime Directive or the non-intervention directive. By the TNG era it was almost always referred to as the Prime Directive.



So why use this one not the one that pop culture prefers? It seems deliberately contrary.

Lots to like this week; good casting, some nice design work, a few good jokes, the ‘ghost’ was well done until the lame clue. I like Tilly, and also the bridge crew got some moments.

On the minus (for me) I didn’t care about the colonists. It’s been done too many times, move on, find something else for this crew to do that does the same narrative job. The asteroid science was even less consistent than before and that was NOT a “donut”.

It’s still an enjoyable, interesting show, I’m still glad it’s back.



I enjoyed this episode a lot. I may always come into this slightly differently to most as I’m not really a Star Trek fan so it not following that template religiously is more of a bonus.

It’s really the characters that get me engaged with any long running show and I really like the changes in captains that keeps shifting the dynamic a little.



I watched S2 E1

Mixed feeings on it, mostly negative.

Pike was great. Tilly was too Tilly, really really cringeworthy at times.
Still feel
Like they are struggling to bring the characters to life.
I’m not actually sure what the plot was, that’s a flaw in the writing or a flaw in my intelligence. I’m sure people will have their own thoughts on that.
The dialogue was drab and the whole getting to the asteroid scene was a pointless CGI noisy mess. The episode was far too long.
I enjoyed the last few minutes though and my brother has said episode 2 is a drastic improvement.

I live in hope.

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Your brother is right.



I didn’t follow the plot from the first episode especially well, either, I just knew there was An Anomaly in Space (classic Trek trope) that they needed to investigate. But I guess, from the second episode, that there are seven of them, and that we’re meant to care about them in the same way we did V’ger, because they’re messing with Spock, and that’s all you really need to know.



Two episodes in, and Pike is already the most likable character on the show.

Tilly is fun, but just a bit to much most of the time. Saru is pretty much a blank slate, and Micheal is just as dull and lifeless as she was in season one.

I appreciate that they’re making an effort to flesh out the bridge crew. But it feels a bit hollow to me now. They should have done this way back at the start of season one. It feels very shoehorned in now that they’ve left it so late in the game.

The show does still look amazing though. I’m constantly surprised at how cinematic the effects look.

And talking of confusion about episode ones plot. What happened to the Enterprise?. I finished that episode and realised I was rather cloudy as to why Pike was actually on the Discovery.



They suffered a massive system failure and Pike took command of Discovery to head for the first Red Burst as quickly as possible.



Sounds like a Jim Kirk sex maneuver.



And he was going to relinquish command after they investigated that one, but they discovered there were more, so he stuck around. The weird properties (and possibilities) of the sample Tilly took aboard also helped keep Stamets’ interest (which is a slow-burning element that’s perhaps as interesting, at least for me, as Spock).



Pike is great, I think you’re right there. I’ve found Saru more likable now he has some confidence and snark.



These two points may be connected. I think the 44min run time worked better than the 60m of the first episode.



This article is shit but the vid is set to the right place and worth watching.

I love McAvoy, I’d really like it if he played a young Picard.



Thanks - glad to know I wasn’t alone.
Thanks also for summarising.

I’ve just watched episode 2 and I enjoyed it a lot better. It also cleared up the plot a bit from ep1, because I came away from that thinking there wasn’t one, but now it’s starting to make a bit more sense.

This was closer to the Trek I know, love and want more of. I don’t mind having the bigger arc as long as they can also tell a story in an episode at the same time.
It actually reminded me a little of stargate as well.

I felt this was better written but some of the dialogue was still a little bit sketchy.
Tilly was slightly less annoying and Pike is brilliant.

Michael remains as full as dishwater though.

Also, I really hope Jacob ends up as a crew member. I really liked his character and the actor who played him.

Yeah this was much better, I’m feeling quietly optimistic for the rest of the season.

Also, Gar was right - the shorter duration was a massive improvement I think. Less padding.



McAvoy should also play Gurney Haleck, just to completely coast on Patrick Stewart’s career :smile:



Is Fassbender after some of that sweet, sweet Amazon money to play Gandalf in their LOTR show?



I just watched episode two and really enjoyed it. The first episode was a good start to the series but this was even better. I thought the story worked well and moved fast, the cast and characters are all engaging, and I’m enjoying the way they’re seeding the longer-running plot elements.

(When you start excitedly speculating about what’s going on with the bigger picture and where the story is heading, you know you’re enjoying a show.)



He’s already played Leto II Antreides so I’m not sure he’s exactly coasting there.



Maybe he has a lifelong ambition to star in Coronation Street?