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Star Trek: Discovery - Series 2 and tie-in media discussion (spoilers for s2e14)


I think what her and Saru’s Short Treks showed was that they’d waited too long to put proper spotlights on either of them. They both got short-shifted in the second half of the first season. Ironically, Saru came out a little better because he actually did get to play captain, but neither were as integral to the plot as…anyone else.



Ive skipped over a lot of posts last couple days because of spoilers

I finished Runaway and i understand why I fell asleep. Despite liking Tilly and for added interest finding her really attractive, I found even at 15 mins long I was bored

Calypso on the other hand was outstanding. An absolute joy and so utterly watchable.

I’d like to know where it fits in on the bigger picture, but even on its own and wearing it’s ‘Her’ similarities quite clearly, it was brilliant.



Calypso is literally set 1000 years after the show’s setting, so 900 years after TNG…



On Tilly, I think she has that fan appeal because it is refreshing to have a more relatable character that isn’t the super stoic Star Trek template. It always caused issues for me with TNG that everyone was a bit too perfect.

I agree with Jason though there’ll be a fine balance needed by the writers not to let her get into ‘annoying’ territory.



yes please…

Nah, she’s “movies relatable”, which means quirky and cute a kawai and all that shit… but it’s completely unreal.

Anyways… I also remembered two other nitpicks in the first episode… the first was Saru’s new dancy walk… where the hell did that come from? It looks stupid, specially out of the blue.

Second: The whole science officer or whatever he was, was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo hamfisted and stupid. That was some real poor writting, like as in REALLY fucking attrocious.

Dialogues were rather bad, now that I think about it. Don’t know who was in charge of those, but let’s hope he won’t be anymore… =/

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Nice to have that fact established. Thank you.

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Ok then… thanks for letting me know, I guess…



I loved his dancy walk! But I love Doug Jones and his weird movements in general.



Oh really? That makes sense. Thanks for putting it in context :+1:



But more importantly, the stranded engineer!!!

I hope she’s a regular on the show, or semi-regular, or gets hired again.



She’s an American comedian, Tig Notaro. As I know her stand up and that she’s not an actor I was painfully aware of how ‘herself’ she was and not overly strong acting wise. I do like her though so it didn’t bother me too much. Took me out of things a little, but not as much as the Lost In Space movie space pods journey beforehand.

I enjoyed the episode despite the things that made me wince. I’m glad we are getting more Captain getting advised by his crew stuff but I would like the ideas to be a little less, “Oh we happen to just have these pods sitting around from something else.”



If that’s her then NASA should hire her immediately to build everything.

It would work and they’d save the government a fortune!

I thought she was the highlight of the episode.



She had her own Seinfeld type show but I never watched it.



I watched the first season; it was pretty good.

There’s a documentary, Tig, about her on Netflix, as well as her most recent stand-up special.



Christel and I tried watching her standup special. We ended up bailing after a few minutes as it was really boring and unfunny.

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They had Barclay, but I always found him super-annoying, and not endearing at all.

Not only was he written as being neurotic to the point of parody, but he was played by a bad actor who was best known for playing another obnoxious character.

Never understood the fan appeal of the character. I remember people cheering in the theater when he popped up for a cameo in First Contact.



Is this a bad time to ask whether you caught any of his appearances in Voyager, and whether or not that helped?



I don’t remember. I think I had bailed on Voyager by then. I lost interest during season 2 and 3 and only watched sporadically, and Didn’t watch anything past that.



I vaguely remember him on Voyager. He helped the pioneering scientist in holograms IIRC.

I can’t say I recall any specific performances.

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His primary act was setting up permanent communication between Voyager and the Alpha Quadrant.