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Star Trek: Discovery - Series 2 and tie-in media discussion (spoilers for s2e14)


Finished off the Short Treks tonight and watched the season 2 opener. The Short Treks were fun little vignettes and I enjoyed the episode. I agree with Lorcan that they went a bit heavy on the humour at times, but it still worked ok, and the story was an enjoyable adventure.



One, Spock needs to be louder, angrier, and have access to a time machine. Two, whenever Spock’s not on screen, all the other characters should be asking “Where’s Spock”?



Just leave your notes on the floor beside the door.



The funny thing is I’m certain you meant “disparate” rather than “desperate.”

The season opener, meanwhile, continues DISCO’s near-flawless record of excellent character introductions. That’ll make the episode memorable on that score alone. I love how this show blossoms the range of genius in Star Trek.



Whoa that shit had some major spoilers… also eeew…

Also, jesus fuckt that Tilly chick is even more annoying that in S1. Lots of cringe this episode, but also some quite decent action, so I guess it evened out. Seriously though, get rid of Tilly the cringe-machine.



I like Tilly. The show would be poorer without her.



I also mostly like Tilly, but some of her stuff feels quite forced by the writers.

On related but sepearate note, got myself all excited about watching the 4 shorts then the first episode but I made it roughly 8 mins or so into the Tilly short and I fell asleep.

(Edit - I’d had a bottle of wine by this point, so that probably didn’t help)

Discovery is not quite working as a Star Trek show for me yet. It still feels like a bit of a generic space set show.



Yeah, I really came to like Tilly in S1.



The Tilly one is the least best. Calypso is probably going to end up on my top ten Trek episodes by comparison.



I thought all the Short Treks were great except the Tilly one, which was only ok.



Short Treks; fine but a mixed bag. Well made but nothing new.

Season 2’s first episode; pretty good.


The mystery is set up well, some of the intros are strong, returning characters get their moments but bits elsewhere are weak.

The flying in the debris field was just padding, to me. The physics are rubbish and the technobabble is arbitrary so there’s no way to tell what’s working and what isn’t. They all look insane for even trying it so I was just waiting for them to get to the asteroid and pick up the plot again.

It would also be nice to see someone show some emotion after random canon fodder dies. I don’t expect Pike to become a blubbering wreck, but if they don’t feel this stuff why should we care?

The stranded engineer was great though. Talk about the right stuff!



Rubbish physics? And arbitrary technobabble? In Star Trek?



True, of course, but somehow other scenes in other shows (and films) have worked.

A very (VERY) similar scene in ‘Into Darkness’ works.



Calypso was… intriguing.

I wonder if it means the Discovery will be lost and abandoned. Or everyone will die and the ship will be left adrift somewhere after a spore drive accident.



Good to hear, I’ll watch the second half of it tonight hopefully and see if I can finish the job I set myself last night for the others



Tilly really came into her own as a fan favorite character.

Unfortunately, I think she’ll be tough to get right, and there will be a temptation to overuse and overexpose her, give her too many quips and one-liners, and otherwise turn her into a parody.



That’s my worry based on episode 1, there was a bit too much quirky Tilly for my tastes.

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All this Tilly talk is interesting, because I think she kind of got lost in the shuffle in the first season after some signature Tilly moments early on. The writers seemed to think merely having her realize her Mirror Universe counterpart had a somewhat significant role was good enough, when even that wasn’t ultimately all that relevant. Reemphasizing her only kind of emphasizes that she was for all intents and purposes missing for large chunks of time.



I think she works well in small doses. I think her Short Trek showed that there wasn’t very much to work with yet when they made her the main focus.

I feel like they have a plan for her across multiple series and they’re going to let her grow very slowly.

(Now watch them kill her off mid-season.)



It means someone pitched a new version of a classic scifi idea and then got the green light to make it. :wink:

Having been made, it does give them a possible end to the series whenever the plug is pulled.

Or it could be retconned by some time travel, since Trek enjoys that sort of thing occasionally.

But, for now, it was a very well made little story and I enjoyed it.