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Star Trek: Discovery - Series 2 and tie-in media discussion (spoilers for s2e14)


It will be his chariot



I think the key is balance, and what they are going for is overkill

Is there any clamour for a show with geoegiu? I don’t think there is and if there is, where is it coming from. We’ve seen 16 episodes of discovery and her character probably made up about 20 mins of screen time

There’s a danger of them doing a marvel comics here, or what they did with the Star Wars movies

2 shows a year max is plenty - I don’t want to go from being excited for more start trek to scunnered in the space of 2 or 3 years when I’ve been waiting for a new show desperately since Enterprise.

Discovered isn’t quite scratching that itch for me, im enjoying some of it on its own merits - but my fix is coming from rewatching old treks still.

I’m not really bothered about the movies personally, as they’ve always been secondary to the tv show to me - but I know everyone’s mileage varies



So I was just checking to see if there’s any solid detail on the proposed Georgious show, and found this really cool bit at the bottom of her Mirror version’s page on Memory Alpha:

On his Twitter account, Jordon Nardino, who wrote the episode “Vaulting Ambition”, explain the meaning behind the titles and name of the emperor.

" All Hail her most Imperial Majesty, Mother of the Fatherland, Overlord of Vulcan, Dominus of Kronos, Regina Andor, All Hail Philippa Georgiou Augustus Iaponius Centarius. But what’s it mean??!?

*When we began digging into the Terrans last year, I had just read a newer history of Rome and was excited to use it as inspiration. (SPQR by Mary Beard, check it out.) Here’s some of the titles Roman Emperors used: >

So into her titles:

  • Father of the Fatherland is easy, we turned that into Mother of the Fatherland (even tho we de-gendered Emperor, it felt right)

  • Overlord of Vulcan: an early conquest of the Terrans, they see themselves as their protectors. It’s paternalistic / delusional.

  • Dominus of Kronos: Terrans are very proud of conquering Qo’noS. Dominus is a harsher title the Emperor at the time took as a result (and Georgiou kept for herself). “We OWN them.” Qo’noS mispronounced out of cultural chauvinism.

  • Regina Andor: Andoria is a jewel in the Terran crown. Subjugated warrior race. Early Terran conquest, pre-Sato. The title was created to celebrate this achievement.

Now as for Georgiou’s many names…

" Philippa Georgiou Augustus Iaponius Centarius "

  • Philipa Georgiou: her given name and her family name, just like Prime.

  • Augustus: the Terrans see themselves as inheritors of the Roman Empire so their Emperors take the title of its first Emperor.

  • Iaponius is Latin for Japanese. This (in my fever dream) is a title Hoshi Sato adopted when she named herself Empress, to honor her homeland. So is Georgiou descended from Hoshi!?

Well… Hoshi was Empress. 100 years later, Georgiou is Emperor. Georgiou took one of Hoshi’s titles as her own to connect them. So Hoshi’s legacy as Empress must be good and Georgiou must either be connected to her in a chain of succession or might want to create that connection… But they have different ethnic backgrounds. Hoshi is Japanese, Philipa is Chinese-Malaysian. So I don’t think it’s likely Philipa is a direct descendant like a great-grandchild. Cousins is possible. More likely tho…whoever inherited Hoshi’s throne was someone she adopted as a child & heir, the way most Roman emperors did. And that Emperor adopted his/her heir, and so on, until we get to Georgiou. And she is proud of the connection and flaunts it with the title Iaponius.

But… it’s not canon until it’s on screen so that’s just one writer’s opinion.

As for Centaurius, I figured it was the first system colonized by the Terrans since it’s closest to Sol so it was a title the Emperor at the time took in tribute.

Hope someone found this informative! "



People, please check your Discovery Netflix section. At least here in Argentina, they have now uploaded the four Short Treks as part of the Trailers & Others section.



I’ll have to check that out. I hope so.



I just checked, all four are also on the UK Netflix.



I don’t see them on mine. :cry:

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Go to trailers and other. They are wayyy at the bottom/end.



Hmm. They aren’t showing up on my tv, but I can see them on the app on my phone, which is weird.



Hooray! :slight_smile:



Maybe it’s only carrying them directly through the Netflix app and website.

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I’ll have another look in a few hours and see if they show up then, but it doesn’t really matter.
I’m just happy that they have arrived!



CBS will be hosting weekly Facebook Live chats with *Star Trek: Discovery* stars, producers and creative talent. These Facebook Live events will be streamed on []( each Friday, the day after each episode of the second season of *Star Trek: Discovery* is released. The first of these events will be on Friday, January 25th, the day after the second episode of the second season debuts on Thursday the 24th.

Bye After Trek.



The second season premiere starts quick.



  • S

  • W



They are really silly not to do this on YouTube.

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Fly well

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Just finished episode 1, and it was a decent opener to the series. The main plot was very well done, and was a call back to so many older Trek incarnations in terms of the thrust of the story being a simple rescue mission with some nice SF touches and old-school trekisms like pattern enhancers. Little Burnham and Spock were adorable and I’d be down for a sitcom of their childhood lives. (If you’re reading this CBS, just send me all the money now)

I really liked the updates to the opening credits as well, the old Enterprise Captain’s chair showing up made me smile a little bit, and my SYMBOLISM ALERT must have been in overdrive, because I realised the spacesuited hands reaching towards each other but not touching represents failure to communicate - in series 1 it was the gap between Humans and Klingons, and in series 2 it’ll presumably be between Burnham and Spock.

In the less good, I feel like maybe they’ve taken notes from last year a little too much to heart? A lot of the comedy in the episode was great, but they maybe leaned into it too much, especially near the start of the episode. And as much as I love Tilly, there was a lot of her being quirky and talking too much (the bit where she suggested Morse Code and her awkwardly talking to Pike were both good, but a touch of overkill to have them in the same episode), similarly there seemed to be an overcompensation from the dark and gritty war arc of last year.



To add some trekisms, it was kind of nice to play a little against the trope by having the red shirt being asked to the mission at the last moment, and then killing the blue shirt :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and the fortune cookie about the cage made me smile.



It’s be pretty awesome if they encounter some weird telepathic thing and Pike is like “I dealt with this sort of thing a few years ago”

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Btw, the Netflix version doesn’t have the “this season in Discovery” trailer, will see if it is uploaded.