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Star Trek: Discovery - Series 2 and tie-in media discussion (spoilers for s2e14)


Thank Trek It’s Friday


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Thank Frank too, that’s the same day Punisher season two comes out.

Mental note: buy more popcorn.



So how many Star Trek series are they up to?

  1. Discovery
  2. Picard
  3. Georgiou
  4. Lower Decks (animated)
  5. Second animated series
  6. Starfleet Academy
  7. Khan

Looks like CBS All Access is planning to have a new Star Trek episode every week in the near future.

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In a way, it makes sense. It keeps people regularly subscribed. It disinclines people from subscribing for a month, binging, then unsubscribing until they repeat the cycle again

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Yes, I think that’s what they’re getting at.

I fully expect Disney+ to do the same thing with Star Wars and MCU content, though they might alternate SW and MCU series.

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As well as the Yeoh spinoff, CBS All Access has the Patrick Stewart-led Picard series on deck. There’s also the October 2017 announced half-hour adult animated comedy series Star Trek: Below Decks and the already aired Star Trek: Short Treks. “My goal is that there should be a Star Trek something on all the time on All Access,”CBS TV Studios boss David Stapf told Deadline in August last year.

Looks like that mission is on point to succeed.

That will sadly be too much Star Trek, overall.



Well, my copy of Discovery: The Way to the Stars arrived.

Now granted, any McCormack Trek story will more than likely be a quality tale and size or page count isn’t everything… But.… Damn, it’s a slim book, especially when set with the other stories.

It is also emphasised by the Trek price increase. They’ve gone up quite a bit. The only reason it levels out on cost is they’re nowhere near, yet, Pocket Books’ 12 a year output (across all eras).



Are the Short Treks considered Season 2 episodes 1 - 4?

Serious question as I figure I’ll do the Spoiler Warning thing again before every episode (and want to be accurate).

I’ll be watching Thursdays at 5PM Pacific (same as 8PM Eastern) in Canada on Space.
I have no idea when it’s live on CBS All Access.



To be fair, Discovery needs more ‘Star Trek.’ Maybe if we juice all these new shows we’ll have just enough to go round.



No they are desperate one shots.

My phone changed separate to desperate and I kind of thought I should just keep it.



I should be allowed to like your post twice.

First for the considerate reply, and second for the humor value.

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I might be in the minority, but I don’t think that Star Trek should aim for much more than focusing on a great core show. If they proliferate the market with spin-offs and stuff, then the ones that aren’t up there in terms of quality will surely become much more appealing to cancel.
How many years did it take for Next Gen to become the show that we all remember?

I’d much rather have a couple more movies than a couple more shows.



The pilot still holds up completely, as does most of the first season. It had a Trek tone right out of the box and if you put Encounter At Farpoint side by side with All Good Things, the only real difference is budget. In fact some of the worst episodes happened in much later seasons.

For me I don’t really care how much they put out, more that it’s good. DS9 was fantastic and Trek went down hill with Voyager and Enterprise “gets good” at some point far too late. I don’t think that people get sick of Star Trek, they get sick of low quality Star Trek. However, if the output is crap then I agree, people will switch off.

There’s a reason why The Orville is said to be filling the Trek gap. Star Trek is wish fulfilment for everyone who wants to travel the stars and think they’ve been born a couple of hundred years too early. Trek fans would easily live breathe and eat Trek and I think there is more potential fans than ever before. The problem right now is that Discovery doesn’t embrace that wish fulfilment element like The Orville does. It’s hard to see yourself as one of the crew, living on a starship, if the ship doesn’t have a day to day structure. The movies use the story like a bungee from the day to day life of a Starship crew and snap back eventually, into that. But that’s over the course of two hours, or maybe three movies, not a whole series of TV. When they work out that is what makes Star Trek work so well CBS could easily get away with all those shows, but instead they seem to think they should make all of their shows a narrative that doesn’t embrace that.

That’s fine if you have a true Star Trek lead show, but right now they don’t, so they aren’t going to create a new set of fans to join the existing ones and continue to underwelm those that have stuck around.



Not if you listened to the fans at the time. Hardcore Trekkies hated TNG at the start, to the point that fan attitude towards it was cited as a contribution to Star Trek V’s poor box office.



I recently rewatched the pilot with the kid, and I can see why they hated it at the start, honestly. With all those characters to establish, it was very soapy, and soooo slow.

The first episode of the original series hit it out of the gate, on the other hand, but back when I tried showing him the original series, we couldn’t go on after the first ep because he was scared shitless. I’d forgotten how much of a horror element the original series sometimes had to it…



The quality of the show was a secondary concern to it being different from TOS. Seriously, a chunk of Trekkies hated it because it didn’t have Kirk and Spock, despite the pair being in movies that were being produced concurrent with TNG being on the air.



Hardcore fans of anything have been proved over time to be the worst.



Well, that may well have been so but it still doesn’t answer the question of what does God need with a starship?