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Star Trek: Discovery - Series 2 and tie-in media discussion (spoilers for s2e10)


I’d sooner assume they had to ask it to not be there


Sorry, that’s what I meant.


I did wonder at that point whether they were going to do something similar to Doctor Who’s “Twice Upon A Time” and blend the archive footage into newly-shot stuff.


The “previously on” was a fun idea. But also a little jarring. It’s one thing to suspend disbelief that these radically different looking shows take place only a few years apart in the timeline. But to see them put right up against each other like that, was just a little odd for me.


Yeah, the new versions of Culber and Saru are becoming the most interesting parts of the show to me. Not coincidentally, both are characters who are now prepared to cut through the bullshit when needed.

The Airiam theory is a good one. Perhaps coincidentally, the actress playing her changed from last season (although the original actress is still on the show as another member of the Background Bridge Crew).


I don’t know much about ST but aren’t the Borg (?) some kind of robot/cybernetic race? Isn’t that supposed to be the threat here?


They are indeed but the little we’ve seen of the big bad so far doesn’t resemble the Borg. Plus, they were all about assimilation whereas the enemy here seems intent on destruction.


Oh well… no idea then… I’d say it could be the origin of the Borg, but I have no clue about ST timelines, so they might already exist… so it’s probably just something new, and probably from the future since the angel is also form the future.


I am entirely with Dave on this. Not that I haven’t mentioned it before :slight_smile: - but the constant over-explicitness of the show is beyond annoying. We’ve also seen more or less the same flashbacks with Michael and Spock and their mum a hundred times, and I am so glad the characters went to such great lengths to explain to me why Alice in Wonderland is relevant to their situation.

Still feels like way too much of the show’s dialogue is expository and overly explicit. None of the characters talk like they’re real, three-dimensional characters and instead, they constantly explain things to me, the viewer. It’s really bad writing.

The one bit of dialogue I liked very much was the one with Saru and Pike on the elevator.


So is the first time the angel appeared when it helped Spock to save Michael’s life? That adds a whole new level if the angel is Michael.


Extra dosis of Discovery this week, with the release of the Saru comic.

Preview here:


Negative, the first time it appeared would be when it saved those people in WW3, which I am still thinking about how they fit into the whole plan.

Unless it was a really complicated way to save Tilly, there is something more going there.


Fair 'nuff, although given the multiple references to time as a non-linear construct it is possible the Angel appeared in a totally different order, or even all at the same instant from its perspective st least…


Episode number nine has begun…

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"Project Daedalus"

  • S

  • W

And Episode Synopsis

When the Discovery crew infiltrates Section 31’s headquarters, suspicions arise that the crew may have a traitor in their midst. Burnham tries to help Spock but her efforts don’t go as planned.


Aw hell, that ending. And just running water over the closing credits. Damn, guys.

There were a few bits that were obviously coming - especially Airiam tanking out Nahn’s impants as soon as they discussed it. By centering Airiam, they kinda foreshadowed her fate. And yeah, is anyone suprised that Control is turning out to be the bad guy?

But beyond that, this episode did everything just about right. It was spectacularly paced, with side-revelations dotted throughout to keep the overall arcs moving, while remaining centered on the core storyline. Burnham and Spock’s confrontation was really well done, as were Spock’s scenes with Stamets. The latter is doubly nice to see because it breaks Spock out of being “the guy that’s on the ship because he knows Burnham and Pike”, it helps him become a member of the crew.

One thing I’ve been meaning to talk about for a few weeks is the subtle things the show does to suggest a sense of community on the ship. You’ll see members of the main cast and supporting semi-regulars sitting together in the mess hall, shared glances and lines that sometimes serve the plot but don’t always. Like Burnham asking Linus about his cold in episode 1, or Saru asking Burnham if she’s OK when she arrives on the bridge this week. It shows that these people like each other and hang out, even if we don’t necessarily get shots of them playing poker or coming out of the holosuite’s in Quarks’s

I think especially Burnham’s contributions to those sequences show what Georgiou likely saw in her as a first officer and potential captain - Prime Georgiou was clearly the kind of captain who saw her crew as a family, and Burnham’s care in asking people how they are, offering emotional support and assistance and paying attention would be the kinds of things she’d look for in someone she wanted to elevate to command. But it also blinded her to Burnham’s failings, especially her desperation when presented with an experience out of her context like the resurgence of the Klingons. And that this week, when she couldn’t press the button to suck Airiam out into space showed how sometimes caring so much can be a liability.

One other thing to add - People may have noticed that Airiam was recast - she’s played by Hannah Cheesman this year but was played by Sarah Mitich in series 1. But Sarah Mitich, rather than being fired or not coming back has appeared out of makeup as Lieutenant Nillson, most notably seen last week as one of the officers in Engineering.


Echoing most of what Lorcan said. I loved seeing more of the bridge crew in “relax mode”.

Something silly to add, the episode is titled Project Daedalus, so obvious connection to wings (the project that they will have to investigate is connected to The Red Angel?).

But that led me to think, to get to Control, they had to follow a specific route through a mine field, kind of a labyrinth… a labyrinth made of mines if you want… Labyrinth of Minos! :crazy_face:

Then my brain went to Icarus, who flew too close to the sun and the slingshot maneuver and time travel, and I decided to go to sleep.


The Daedelus is also an early class of Federation starship.


We sit down with @HannahCheesman to talk last night’s #StarTrekDiscovery episode, Airiam and more SPOILERS AHEAD



So long as CBS is giving out Star Trek shows to whoever asks for one, could I please have an Enterprise prequel show with Anson Mount’s Captain Pike and his Emo Spock? I’d be considerably more interested in that than Section 31…