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Star Trek: Discovery - Series 2 and tie-in media discussion (spoilers for s2e10)


I’m so excited to find out how youtubers spin this as a fail.


Is casting for Captain Kirk open yet?


Why does Riker sit like that? Because the worlds, even in the 23rd Century, are built for midgets and Riker is about an inch shy of normal height. It is merely quicker and more ergonomic to swing a leg over that kindergarten chair back rather than move the tiny thing about to sit “politely”. If it had been an Admiral or something, Riker would have taken the effort. Just not necessary with Picard (who was busy tugging his jacket).

I am quite sure @Christian and @James (and even @RonnieM) can verify this tendency of tiny humans to place countertops at knee level and similar lower back tortures to annoy humans of normal height.


Once again annoyed with all the expository dialogue. Most of the episode was just people standing around explaining the plot to each other.

And on the other hand and in contrast, all the really deep emotion. Everybody is about to cry all the time, about their sisters or brothers or because they’re a Klingon mind trapped in a human body or whatever. How about everbody just shut up and do their jobs for a while?

Also, are they seriously just going to fly to different planets every episode and walk around asking people “Have you seen this angel?!”? It’s like a bad rpg plot.


Lieutenant JG Kirk. He’s on the Farragut at the moment…


I’d love to see behind-the-scenes footage of the first time he did that. Has anything ever shown up at cons or something?

“CUT! Frakes, what the hell was that?”
“It’s how I imagine Riker sits down. I practiced it all morning in my trailer.”
“For the love of god, why?”
“Well… it makes him look badass…”


The seventh episode has begun

This is the halfway point of the season (14 eps)


"Light and Shadows"

  • S

  • W

Burnham goes to Vulcan in search of Spock, where she unearths surprising family secrets. In researching what is left of the Red Angel’s signal over Kaminar, Pike and Tyler end up in battle with time itself. Georgiou has a few tricks up her sleeve for Leland and Section 31.


That was fun.

And the tease at the ending…


Yeah, for anyone who doesn’t remember, Talos IV is the planet The Cage took place on.


Every week now there’s a battle over what gets watched first between DISCO and The Orville. The Orville has won two weeks running. I love DISCO this season, the Trek-ness has been great - unfortunately three elements are becoming tiresome to me and I hate to admit it. The Spock saga has finally done me in. We’ve met Spock and still no actual Spock. Then there’s the case of Section 31. While I’ve longed to see more of them, it’s a case of ‘be careful what you wish for.’ There has been no teasing. It’s like they’ve sent me dick pics for years then when we’re finally together they just walk in the room, fire it in and pump away. Not only that, it is very dirrivative in how it’s been rolled out - As has the Ash Tyler plot. I LOVE me some Clem Fandango but his attitude now is draining, he seems to have devolved into a character simply there to create tension. Do characters get stripped of all depth and nuance when joining Section 31?

However, EVERYTHING outside these three elements is fan fucking tastic. The crew is working solidly together, we are getting crazy events that need solved, Pike is a fantastic Captain and Saru a brilliant first officer. I love when it feels like an ensemble and not framed simply from Michael’s point of view. The VFX are stellar and I’m on the edge of my seat during any alert. I cannot praise the Trek parts enough, I’m feeling immersed in that world and even though it looks more modern much if the time, the tech, clothing and how they deal with issues seem almost doused in oil like a mechanic; there’s a worn metal edge slowly being added to everything that feels, now, like it’s filling the gap between the look of Enterprise and TOS to some degree and they seem to gradually build on that through road every week. I honestly can’t praise everything else in DISCO enough. I have to say that twice in order to end this post or I will just keep on typing more and more ass-lickery.



I like that makeup for the Talosians


They look nothing like Jeff Bezos!


This show makes way more sense if you pretend that all the characters are consistently and thoroughly drunk. Except Saru.


I thought that episode was a bit weak, to be honest. The Spock stuff was underwhelming and the other stuff felt like treading water.

Also, the flashback to the flash-forward felt a bit insulting. We’re watching the episode, we can remember what happened 20 minutes ago.

I did like some of the scene transitions though, like the one from the shuttle exterior to the Discovery’s interior, or from the eye to the domed ceiling. Visually the show is still delivering.


I’m still enjoying it, but that last episode felt like crossing a line between “this feels like Star Trek” to “this feels like a retread of Star Trek”, particularly the “we’re in the middle of a war being fought by enemies in the future” bit.

Timeline-wise, Pike and the Enterprise were on Talos IV 3 years or so ago? Isn’t the planet meant to be currently on the “avoid at all costs on pain of death” Starfleet list? Why isn’t Burnham’s computer going “This is a BAD IDEA?”


I’m enjoying the show even when it drifts a little. Some of it is a bit heavy handed but everyone is giving the scenes 100% and compared to a lot of other Netflix shows it moves along at a pretty good pace, with minimal redundancy.

The stuff with the temporal anomaly was quite padded though, complete with the Matrix probe attack. It existed to give us more of Pike and Voq Fandango, so that antipathy being lessened must be due a payoff at some point.

I’m stearing clear of trailers and spoilers for next week.

You may be taking it a bit too personally.


Not personally, as I consider it insulting to the entire audience. :slight_smile:

It’s redundant, is my point - it’s needless hand-holding. But it’s not the only example of that on this show.


It’s how TV works. Tell people important points at least twice and preferably three times.

Just in case they nipped out to the toilet, or to make a cup of tea/coffee the first time you said it.

It’s literally about that. When I watch shows with my parents it drives me nuts how little attention they sometimes pay to what’s on screen.

And yes, they have pointed that out to me.


Not all TV, thankfully.

But yeah, it’s not uncommon. That doesn’t stop it from being irritating.