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Star Trek: Discovery - Series 2 and tie-in media discussion (spoilers for s2e10)


So what’s his excuse for the arms?


That’s exactly what I was wondering…

Also, I’m sorry Dave, but that is clearly a sway =(


It’s how he keeps his balance.


It’s a shimmy, and I won’t be swayed on this.


Nah a shimmy is more like a shake-y kind of move… think belly dancing, or boob shaking… Doug Jones is literally just swaying his arms…


I dunno, I think there’s a bit of body movement in there too.

Either way, I’m delighted that when it happens during the next episode you’ll all involuntarily think about this silly conversation.


Yeah he also sways his hips lightly… sometimes… he’s not super consistent with it… Still a swaying motion though…

But yeah, I’ll definetly think of this conversation every time now =P



to shake, wobble, or vibrate


to cause to move to and fro or to incline from side to side


Hey, I’ve now managed to fit in the Riker walk, the Riker maneuver and several Picard jumper tugs.

I think I might need to go home early today, for everyone’s benefit.


Have you been sitting correctly?


I really hope Frakes sits like that whenever he takes to a chair while on-set on DISCO.



to sway in a shimmying sort of way



We used to sit down like that it grade school, because when you’re eleven years old you think it makes you look badass.

Don’t know what Riker’s excuse is.


I often wondered about that, but I’m not sure the timeline adds up. Wesley was born in 2348, the same year Beverly married Jack, and Beverly didn’t graduate from medical school until two years later. I’m not sure when Jack served under Picard aboard the Stargazer, but it might have been after Wesley was born.

I think that, early in the series, they might have planned for Picard to be Wesley’s real father, but abandoned it at some point. In a seventh season episode, Picard tells Beverly that he was in love with her but never acted on it, so there’s not really much room for a Wesley-producing affair in there.

I think it’s more interesting if there’s a possibility that Picard is Wesley’s father, but it’s something that shouldn’t be confirmed or denied officially, like whether or not Deckard is a replicant.

(But I still think Obi-Wan and Padme had a fling between The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones.)



He thinks it makes him look badass



Don’t worry guys, this renewal proves that DISCO is a failure, and Netflix aren’t happy with their returns on it.


CBS on the other hand is thrilled.