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Star Trek: Discovery - Series 2 and tie-in media discussion (spoilers for s2e10)


Yeah, that was the main thing that made me think it. Hopefully it’s a deliberate misdirect though.


Sure they could pull a switcheroo, or maybe it was a misdirect, but plot-wise it’s also pretty obvious by now. And for sure that particular actor shot that particular scene (or they used the actor’s body on purpose, in case it was only FX), wether it ends up bieng this or that.

Also, we could probably stop using spoilers since it seems everyone’s on the same page… :smile:


Yeah, presumably she gets the chance later in the season to travel back in time to not take Spock’s last Rolo, or whatever she did to upset him, then along the way rights various other perceived wrongs to ensure everything happened as it did. But then her time hopping escapades draw the attention of some other big bad for season three…


The big point of debate between me and my wife is whether you should describe Saru’s silly arm-waving walk as a shimmy or a sway.

(Or perhaps it’s a saunter?)


I’m an old hand when it comes to Trek and, yes, the backstory of Saru is rather problematic with established Trek lore.

As a general rule, the Federation avoids direct contact with civilizations that haven’t developed warp drive.

But that seems to be more of a Next Generation era rule. In the 1960s series, Kirk and crew would frequently openly visit pre-industrial worlds and interfere with them. Starfleet seemed to be operating under a different set of rules in the 23rd century.

One thing that seems a little hinky is how Saru joined Starfleet. He’s an officer and obviously went to the Academy, but in the Short Trek that covered his backstory, the Kelpians seemed to be rather primitive. Having him attend academy and become an officer on a starship seems about as likely as taking a second century Roman peasant and putting him on the bridge of a starship.


That makes sense though (and I think has been explicitly commented on in the series set later, especially in the books) - Kirk’s era of Starfleet had the general principles in place, but their interpretation and how closely they were followed was much looser. This era is even earlier - those rules are still in the process of working themselves out.

As Starfleet develops more experience of first contact scenarios, and all the myriad ways that inappropriate contact can cause harm, their rules/guidelines tighten accordingly. Even in the 24th Century though, a captain like Picard is still granted a degree of latitude to bend the rules when they feel it is the right thing to do - as long as they can then justify it later.

That’s likely to be a function of the potential of his species though. The analogy with a Roman peasant doesn’t work, because he’s not human.


The same Short Trek showed him figuring out how to take a Ba’ul device and turn it into a distress beacon. He clearly had an aptitude for technology far beyond his education at the time.

Plus, there’s a 20-year gap between his leaving Kaminar and the start of DISCO. He could easily have spent time in some sort of remedial education before going to the Academy.


I’m interested in whether Saru fires his ear darts at anyone again this season?

How long does it take to regrow a new set of ammunition for them?


Approx. One episode.


Approximately one crisis. Patience may vary.


(From Twitter)


Let’s be honest here: When it’s necessary to keep Wesley alive/stop Wesley from screwing up/make Wesley look good.

“Captain, this civilization is about to be wiped out by a plague!”
"A great pity, but, Prime Directive :frowning: "

“Captain, this civilization is in the grip of an evil oligarchy culling minority groups!”
"Oh I feel so bad for those minority groups, but, Prime Directive :frowning: "

“Captain, Wesley has crashed a shuttlecraft in the middle of a primitive tribal village!”
“My God! Assemble an away team, beam directly into the village and make sure Wesley comes back safe and happy after learning this important life lesson!”


Well, that’s because Wesley is secretly Picard’s son.


Shhh! :wink:




OH MY GOD there’s some guy in my office doing the Saru walk. This is amazing. I feel like I should follow him around doing the Riker walk.


Would you describe it as a shimmy or a sway?



How is that even a question? =P


How is that even a question?


(Doug Jones) based Saru’s walk on that of a supermodel,[4] out of necessity thanks to the boots he had to wear to portray the character’s hooved feet forcing Jones to walk on the balls of his feet.