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Star Trek: Discovery - Series 2 and tie-in media discussion (spoilers for s2e10)


I liked this one as well although I really thing they need to lock the camera down more. In the opening briefing the camera spin was starting to make me feel ill.

I was wondering with the liquid on the floor if we were going to get the Great Link for a minute or two :open_mouth:

And it looks like my idea that the Red Angel will turn out to one of the Preservers isn’t going to pan out.


I have theories on what the Red Angel is, but I kinda don’t want to say anything.


It’s an anagram of “A Nerd Leg”. Just sayin’…


Is that so we don’t all point at you and say “ha ha” when you’re wrong?


Nah, I’ll just ban anyone who does. It’s just that the whole Ash Tyler theory from last year turned out to be correct, and I was right about my Georgiou speculation. Might be more fun to not discuss the plot elements too deeply?


What the fuck? Is this like your first day on the Internet?


I mean, I’ll take idle plot speculation over arguments about how much money the show is or isn’t making any day of the week.


I enjoyed that episode. It was proper Star Trek again.

Right down to Pike going from “Can we even get involved?” near the beginning to “Fire lots of photon torpedoes!” by the end.

The producers went all out to make the Ba’ul as creepy as possible, not only are they horror movie swamp creatures with creepy voices, they’ve got ships that look like viruses and torture robots that are going to drill a hole in your face!!!

I was hoping there would be a twist to that and there was.

Doug Jones is working his way towards an Emmy this season. Everyone is very well cast, but he’s carrying a lot of scenes and I hope this kicks his career up a level.


I have three suspects for the Red Angel.

But I’ll refrain from naming them in case one or more is right.


I mean obviously it’s a gestalt of Picard and Q


It’s Q and Janeway’s love child.


“Bryce, hail these bastards”

Other than Captain Pike continuing to be awesome, I thoroughly enjoyed that episode. The Ba’ul backstory was well done. And they looked very cool too. The shot of their ship raising out of the sea was fantastic. I’m always blown away by the effects on this show.

And just for fun. My guess is that the Red Angel will end up being micheal.At some point toward the end of the season, she’ll either do it deliberately or be knocked about in time. Wearing the space suit that just so happens to look like it has wings. And thus she’ll end up creating the very thing she’s spent the season chasing.


Is that a red angel or a bad wolf?


Pff… I mean it’s sooo painfully obvious who that red angel is, it’s disappointing. They should’ve kept the image a bit more mysterious.

Also, kinda of a bad episode… the plot was very loose… they could’ve used another episode to flesh the conflict out… It’s not like they’re not stretching the shit out of the “quest for spock” anyways.

Ald the “bad guys” design was… uhmm… lame? :smile:

I’m starting to lose interest in this… might drop it soon… =/


Kind of concerned that the Kelpians will become predators again…


Hmm, whole load of posts about eps I haven’t watched yet, so skip the lot.

About the Short Trek quartet - damn, these were good. Even the weakest of the lot, the one with Mudd, worked very well, but didn’t have a leg to stand on compared to the others. Tilly and Saru’s tales were very different but each had an emotional edge - Saru’s in particular makes the point that there’s far worse organisations to encounter than Starfleet and the Federation. Tilly remains one of my favourite characters and her story plays to her strengths.

Calypso earns its reputation, though if you know the term, you know the story. Would be a good one to follow-up on, a new Trek set 800 years later would certainly get attention too.


That is an interesting possibility…

We’ve never heard of Kelpians in the TOS or TNG eras, but that might not mean anything other than the creators of Discovery just made them up.

I’m not really sure how I feel about the change in the status of the Kelpians. In some ways, I think the Kelpians and Saru in particular, were more interesting when they were just a species at the bottom of their world’s food chain, sort of like rabbits who evolved into intelligent, sentient beings despite spending their days and night avoiding predators. I find that to be a fascinating science fiction concept.


I enjoyed that one, but I was expecting some kind of bigger twist in the relationship between the Kelpians and the Bowels (sp?), that they were more closely related than we knew, somehow.

Also, as a relative newcomer to Star Trek I was a bit confused by the rules on whether or not they could contact the Kelpians, and how that jibed with what we were told in Saru’s Short Trek.

Generally it was pretty good though.

Towards the end, Saru’s intentions for how the two species’ future relationship would play out seemed a little bit… optimistic. It felt like they glossed over the possibility that it could all go to shit again. Hopefully the show will return to it to explore the aftermath in more detail at some point.

As for the angel, my first thought when they showed this episode’s more detailed glimpse was that it was a time-travelling Michael, even before they hinted at the possibility, so hopefully that’s way too obvious and it won’t be that. :slight_smile:

I’m also really enjoying Doug Jones’ performance lately - he conveys so much through subtle movements, like the scene where he was ordered to leave the bridge. He’s great.

The effects were very good again too, particularly the big Abyss-style underwater platform thing.

It’s just a very watchable show in general.


What are you thinking?


Same as you… I mean, that body shape is a dead giveaway. Plus it makes sense, considering all we know so far about it.