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Star Trek: Discovery - Series 2 and tie-in media discussion (spoilers for s2e10)




Has the network decided to allow spore drive jumps now? Isn’t that damaging too? If so I think we will see her again. Ultimately they have to stop using the technology at some point so I’m assuming that’s down to it being outlawed due to damage to the network itself from each black alert.


I don’t know whether you mocked that up or found it somewhere else, but it’s perfect. :smile:


Quick (and I mean really quick) edit using PAINT of all things :sweat_smile:


I felt that while there was a whole lot of DISCO stuff, I still did feel there was some really strong Star Trek elements in there in how the crew worked and overcoming the episode’s main plot. I loved the scenes of the crew running about to safe spots preparing for the jump (that seemed very reminisent of the movies) and the bridge slowly being engulfed by the network, that reminded me of the baryon sweep episode and I’d have liked to see more of that in between bits of the network, but they crammed in all the usual DISCO stuff instead.


Get that sent out to the internet immediately for that is a day winning meme.


I really enjoyed the episode.


The network can’t stop the ship from jumping, and it’s unclear if May’s line about the jumps doing the network damage were an “every time you jump you hurt us” thing or “you let this predator loose in our home” thing.

They’ve definitely got enough reasons to have the spore drive be decommissioned with or without harm to the Mycellial Network anyway.


You may have noticed I decommissioned this word as I couldn’t be bothered to look up the spelling of it.


And it’s “mycelial.” I finally had to learn it myself.


Jeeeesus the “science” in this show is getting progressively worse… :smile:

Also, I too am well over this “search for Spock” thing… u_u


I’m starting to think it might all be made up.


Well by “science” I actually meant “sense”… even if it’s all made up, it kinda has to make sense at least…


Yeah, all the mycellia… mycelie… mycyl… all the spore-network stuff does seem a bit fluid from week-to-week, in terms of it being able to do whatever the story needs it to do. But I’m happy to go with it while the stories are fun.


Wow, those Section 31 guys sure do talk about Fight Club.


Okay, so I’ve seen the first give episodes now. They were… okay. Less than I’d hoped for - I have the same problems with season 2 as I did with season 1, really.

Biggest one is: Far, far too much expository dialogue. So much of it is awfully, terribly clunky and wooden. Michael’s conversation with Amanda was beyond cringeworthy, and that was just one moment of many.

The character development is also too self-conscious. Right, so Pike is the fun Captain, is he? I almost wouldn’t have noticed if you hadn’t kept telling me in a dozen different ways. Also, the usual thing with how deep those bonds seem to be between characters who have known each other for all of five minutes. And all those emotional moments (and there were so many of them) are so over the top, with everybody about to cry all the time and the music swelling every five minutes. It’s quickly become too much to take seriously.

Next one would be lazy plotting. The whole Spock/Red Angel thing is just awfully convenient, as are many other things going on (Again, Amanda to Michael: “They wouldn’t let me see him, so I stole his medical records. What else could I do?”. Uh… sure. Also, wow, she’s a master thief apparently but really bad at decoding?).
Most of what’s happening doesn’t feel like it developed organically, but you can still see the writers’ plot ideas tagged to the shoulders of events as they appear, so to speak.

Also, the fights (well, there was one - the Klingon fight) still look terribly wooden and
cheap. For a show that has such nice designwork, they certainly aren’t investing in making those moments look good.

I am glad that they brought Culber back, and the May storyline was alright. Love the idea of Section 31, even if the execution isn’t quite convincing me yet.


I enjoyed the first season well enough as the truths about Tyler and Lorca played out but they didn’t establish any characters well enough to hold my interest in the second season. Tilly seems to have wandered in off the pages of a Joss Whedon script from the nineties but that doesn’t mesh with the tone of the show. Burnham is basically Netflix’s Karen Page in space, complete with cringe-worthy voice-overs on a regular basis, and the attempted doomed romance with the hipster Klingon has about as much chemistry as a primary school geography curriculum. Saru seems to be their effort at a new Spock/Data figure but they haven’t been able to make the daft gimmick of being really, obviously afraid of things work – and they may now have dropped it completely, so now he’s just a polite, tall bloke in dire need of a higher work station. Yes, kudos to the show for having a homosexual married couple without making a big deal of it but unfortunately the show has gone so far with it as to make them both dull. Georgiou is fun in a pantomime villain sort of way, although I still find the Section 31 gimmick to be nonsensical. Rather than sorting out any of the characters to make them investable the show is busy throwing out several wild ideas per episode, to the point that before even the mid-way point of the second season it has already covered resurrecting the dead and is now teasing time travel – all while making it all too clear that the really important thing is Spock, since the old characters trump the new ones. I do still enjoy the show on a certain level but if TNG was a fine merlot then Discovery is a Diet Coke. I hope the Picard show works well enough to give me a better new Star Trek fix.



The sixth episode has begun…


"The Sounds of Thunder"

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  • W


I really liked that one.

Primarily it was because of what it represented for Saru. He was obviously emotionally compromised, to use a favourite Trek term, and with good reason - but when the crunch came and he saw the fate of his species he chose diplomacy and compassion over vicious retribution. Which is very much in the vein of Star Trek. Throughout the episode I was expecting something of a rerun of Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum, where his Pavhan-induced lack of fear lead to flaws in his judgement, and Pike or Burnham were going to have to step in, but I’m glad that didn’t happen.

Beyond that, the episode looked and felt great. I love the subtle colour filters and alterations they do to add an alien feel to the handful of planets we’ve managed to visit, like the red sand and crisp reds of the flowers this week. The Ba’ul were a masterclass in creepiness, the vocal work especially worked well. Though I’m 99% certain the room Saru and Sirana were held in was a redress of the Transporter Room set, and I can’t unsee that now.