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Star Trek: Discovery - Series 2 and tie-in media discussion (spoilers for s2e10)


I can see them making up an excuse for a brand new captain every season until Saru finally becomes permanent captain of the ship in the very final scene of the last episode.


… seconds before Discovery is wiped out of existence by a spore-induced time-travelling incident.


Saru: Oh, for fu–

End credits


Maybe that’s the mystery for Picard to solve. Where did Discovery go? Crosssssoverrrr.


Saru isn’t captain material…


Saru was my favourite character right from the beginning of season one, and that’s up against some very strong competition.

I think all the cast are doing excellent work.

This season I’m enjoying Jet Reno a lot. I understand that Notaro is an actress with a very narrow range, but Reno is calibrated perfectly for her. She’s the best Jet Reno we could ever have.

And I like her tweets;


I do like Tig Notaro, if it was someone else I’d be tearing it to shreads but the character and lines are snappy and I don’t think it’s so much that she’s bad, it’s just that everyone else is just so bloody good… I really hope they keep her on and that working with better actors than her TV show means she gets the chance to get better herself.


I like her in the way they’re using her at the moment, but I hope the show doesn’t rely on her to anchor an episode with anything dramatic as I’m not sure she’d be up to it.


I’d be fairly sure she and Stamets are going to bounce off each other while they try and rescue Tilly, like a cross between the Odd Couple and Geordi and Data.


Ryan’s Geordie accent is a lot better than the attempt that crew member made at two sentences of Welsh. :smile:


I’m puzzled by people saying Tig Notaro is not as good as the rest… the rest ain’t all that amazing tbh. The only one who’s been consistently good is Stammets. Oh and the new Captain looks good so far as well.


Is it that they aren’t great at acting or you don’t like the characters?


Imo. Burnham can be okay, but then she can also be terrible. Most of them are rather bland. Oh I do like Michelle Yeoh… a bit over the top sometimes, but it works for the character of the emperor. Oh an Spock’s dad… but both of them are recurring at best… more like guest appearances.


the fifth episode has started…


"Saints of Imperfection"

  • S

  • W


I could have done without the opening and closing narration from Micheal. But other than that, i really enjoyed that episode.

I’m glad they brough Hugh back. His death in season one felt totally pointless to me. Especially since everyone just seemed to move on and forgive Clem Fandango right away.

I do need them to get a move on with this Spock storyline though. I know It’s only been five episodes. But it’s feeling a bit dragged out at this point.


I felt the episode was a bit more bog-standard DISCO, kinda like a few weeks ago when Georgiou last showed up. There were a lot of great moments, May and Tilly played off each other well, and the effect of Discovery half in the baryonic universe and half in the Mycellear network looked amazing.

While on one hand I’m glad to see Culber back, there was a lot of emotional power in the sequence where we’re lead to believe he can’t be rescued. It’s been kinda obvious since episode 1 that there was going to be a rescue attempt, it would have been gutsy as hell if it failed.

On a sartorial note, there were glimpses in the trailers of Burnham wearing a uniform that was a mix of the TOS-style dress but with the colours and decoration of the Discovery uniform. And Commander Nhan was wearing one this week and it looked pretty good,


Mostly good episode, but whoever decided which episodes they had Notaro for did a terrible job, continuity-wise. There’s no reason for her to be gone in this episode.


I really enjoyed that.

One of the things I like about this series is that it doesn’t waste time dragging out plots that would be more padded in other shows. This episode is a good example - you could imagine this story being stretched over two or three episodes, but packing it all into one gave it a real sense of urgency and pace.

All the emotional beats worked for me and even pushing Georgiou back into the mix didn’t feel too forced.

Plus, I thought the effects were particularly great this episode - almost movie-level stuff in places.


That was good again. Some of it was a bit lame (“Ssssss!”) but lots of the rest of it worked.

I’m interested in how shady Section 31 is right now? Gags about what happened to the wrong ambassador hint that they are “Cowboys” (as Georgia said) and the Admiral is still less concerned with means than ends (which doesn’t make for great oversight) so the potential for things to go very bad is there.

But that may not be on the cards.

I’m sorry to see May go, she had some great scenes with Tilly, but it’s time to do something else now.

Which appears to be Saru again. That’s good, Jones is excellent.

But like many other there, I’m ready for them to finish the Search for Spock. Soon.


It is getting a bit