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Star Trek: Discovery - Series 1 and tie-in media discussion (spoilers abound)


You’re right ChrisS. It is fucking shite.



Ok, now we need to get the writers doing a line for Tilly for ‘fucking shite’.



Cool. I like that they’re even including the sound effects in alluding to the Predator (which this will apparently be a twist on).


My father met Gregory Peck in Wales! Different place and film though. He was filming the climax to Arabesque on the Crumlin viaduct. My dad also said he was a nice man but never met Sophia Loren to his eternal regret.


Saw the first one, enjoyed it.


I just watched Runaway myself, and it was lightweight but enjoyable. Tilly is always great, of course, and Po was an interesting and amusing character. There were no real surprises in how things went, it’s very much Trek by the numbers. But that can work.


Jan. 17, 2019


With higher quality


I am perhaps unreasonably excited by that trailer


A lot of cosplayers just stopped shaving.



Looks good. I enjoyed the first season in spite of its many flaws.

Not quite sold on Peck’s Spock yet. Need to see more of him.


God, so many flaws.

Yeah, I am looking forward to this, but man I do I hope they got their shit together for season 2.



Is she playing the same character as Majell Barret from the TOS pilot?







There’s a clip of her in the trailer for series 2, she’s definitely doing a Majel Barrett impression