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Star Trek: Discovery - Series 1 and tie-in media discussion (spoilers abound)


If red shirts get you killed, what in Space do red skivvies do to you?


Get you killed by alien hookers while you’re on shore leave.


And other eras before the 24th century. That’s my point. I’d like to see a series set in the actual future again!


If it was set in the actual future there’d be no warp drives, no transporter, no phasers, no humanoid aliens…


Pft. Pessimist.


Ye cannae change the laws of physics!


And then Scotty casually blows them up 10 seconds later just as the ship is about to go boom.


A few weeks ago, I flew to Toronto to be on the set of #STARTREKDISCOVERY for the 3-day shoot of a short film I wrote (one of four making up a new spinoff micro-series called SHORT TREKS). Mine’s entitled “Calypso,” it stars the blazingly talented @aldis_hodge, was directed by the brilliant #OlatundeOsunsanmi, and while all of that is very exciting, the most exciting part of all, personally, was the moment you see here, in this photo. I did not SAY “Ahead, warp factor 4, Mr. Sulu,” or “Make it so!”, because after all I was aboard the Discovery, not the Enterprise. But I THOUGHT both of those things. I thought them very hard.



Fourth novel announced:

The Way to the Stars
by Una McCormack
January 2019

It’s not easy being sixteen, especially when everyone expects great things from Tilly. It’s even harder when her mother and father are Federation luminaries, not to mention pressing her to attend one of the best schools that the Federation has to offer.

Tilly wants to achieve great things — even though she hasn’t quite worked out how to do that or what it is she wants to do. But this year, everything will change for Tilly, as she about to embark upon the adventure of a lifetime — an adventure that will take her ever closer to the stars…


McCormack? Excellent, that’s enough to make it an instant buy, never mind that it’s a Tilly book.

This’ll be fucking cool.


Is the 3rd novel out yet?

I’m about 60 pages into the second one and enjoyed what I’ve read so far, but it’s been in my bag and beside my bed for the last 3 to 4 weeks due to reading a few things just now


Yep, got it some time ago.


Yep, but not yet read.


Seems Discovery will be released in bluray & DVD on November 13th.


Fear Itself

This is a very Trek tale but is executed well by Swallow, who had previously drawn the short straw on The Fall series. This book is far, far better than his work there.

How well the book works for yo depends on one key factor: How well the character of Saru works for you.

For me, Saru became one of the best characters in the show, so it was great to see him get a spotlight that explores more of how he sees the world and chooses to respond to it.


STLV18: Designer Promises New Klingon Look For ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 2, Hints At Hair

In season two, you are going to see much different designs. You are going to see different houses you haven’t seen before. One of the most important things to us was that at this point in canon, as we head towards the current version of unification, the houses really each grow up on different planets. It is an Empire, it is not just Qo’noS… We have seen six of the great houses in close up in season one. As we move forward into the next season, I promise that we will continue exploring and unpacking and unfolding that infinitely interesting story of what the Klingon culture looks like on a wider level.



A while back I was thinking it might be interesting if they brought in the TOS-era smooth forehead Klingons and the TNG-era bumpy headed Klingons, and claim that there are different subspecies of Klingons, and whichever house is in control is the one that dominates the military and politics.

It would explain why the Klingon look changed between ENT and DSC, between DSC and TOS, and again between TOS and the TOS films. (Ignoring Kor, Kang, and Koloth sporting the TNG look in DS9.)


Season one ground to a halt anytime a Klingon was on screen. So I’d rather they just left them alone.


That was the explanation in the FASA Role Playing Game in the 80s