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Star Trek: Discovery - Series 1 and tie-in media discussion (spoilers abound)


Andromeda wasn’t based on a Roddenberry idea other than the ship name. It was a pitch from one of the TNG/DS9 writers that was rejected and converted into a standalone series.



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Robert Hewitt Wolfe, one of Deep Space Nine’s genius writers until the end of the fifth season, developed a pitch from an old Roddenberry concept from the 70s. Gene worked on a lot of pilots that decade. One of them essentially is the secret origin of Data. “Dylan Hunt” was a name Gene had for the lead in one of these concepts, but I’m not sure it was directly connected to the concept of the ship that was the basis of what Wolfe worked on.

…Of course, fans jettisoned the series at the same time Wolfe did, assuming he was taking all the quality and leaving nothing but Sorbo’s ego behind. I’ve never agreed with that assessment.


I remember when Warren Ellis watched an episode from I think the last season and posting his reaction here at Millarworld.

He thought the episode either induced a stroke or just gave him brain damage. It was hilarious.


He took names and details from Roddenberry’s proposed series but the actual concept came from a failed Star Trek pitch. If I remember correctly the Magog were the Klingons and the Nietzscheans were the Vulcans.


I’m honestly not sure I’ve heard that before.

As for the final season? They certainly went wilder.


I don’t think I ever saw an episode of Andromeda all the way through. And nothing I’ve seen, read or heard about the show has made me want to change that.


It was the antithesis of where the TV format was going right from the start. Fans like to kid themselves about that, given that Wolfe was closely associated with Deep Space Nine serialization, but the truth is Andromeda was always episodic and always geared heavily toward gonzo execution. What always grounded it was the fact that the main characters themselves were taken seriously, arguably more seriously than all those shows about relentlessly grim characters, or quippy characters. Harper was quippy and grim, but the writers never confused the two aspects.


The Closer creator James Duff has joined CBS All Access’ Star Trek: Discovery as executive producer. It is part of an overall development deal he has signed with series producer CBS TV Studios.

Additionally, writer Jenny Lumet (Rachel Getting Married), who joined the series as a consulting producer at the start of Season 2, has been promoted to co-executive producer. Co-executive producer Olatunde Osunsanmi has been upped to executive producer and will serve as the series’ producer/director based on set in Toronto.


Fifteen minutes long, they will be called Short Treks




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