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Star Trek: Discovery - Series 1 and tie-in media discussion (spoilers abound)


Watching After Trek, I had the horrible realisation that Frakes has basically turned into my dad as he’s aged.

Also, I meant to say this a couple of weeks ago, but I love that they changed the graphics in After Trek for the back half, with signal errors and the ship schematic tagged with ISS Discovery.




Oh yes, the latest episode. It was good. I like that they’re making it a fairly fast-moving twisty-turny story. As someone who isn’t following the speculation/spoilers too closely, it’s throwing up some fun surprises for me (as well as some slightly more guessable twists).


I thought this, yes.

I thought this too.



So there’s no way that the Discovery actually returns back to its home universe, right? It would be the ultimate twist for a show that loves twisting more than twisted people playing Twister and eating twisted pretzels whilst watching Twister in the background. “We’re making a new Star Trek show and it will be a prequel set in the prime universe… ha, no, not really!” Not that I would want the Discovery to stay in the mirror universe much longer but I could see them managing to make one more jump and wind up in a brand new universe after all.


I wouldn’t be surprised if they time-travel to the post-Next Gen era.



Watched ep 11 on Sunday and then watched ep 12 tonight.

I disagree the show has been predictable, maybe if you read news sites or spoiler info, or you’re that damn good at extrapolation, but for me it’s been quite a ride.

And I’m loving Isaac’s take on Lorca as a total bastard of a Captain, but one you kind of get behind, kind of a Trek version of Patton, total arsehole but somehow you just end up following his lead.


A friend and I half-jokingly suggested Quantum Leap, but Star Trek and hopping dimensions.

So Exiles, I guess?


Would sort of play into the original concept for the show where each season would be a different time period in Trek history.


One thing I was surprised by: I wasn’t sure about Saru, he’s been that kind of an officious arse so far, but in tonight’s ep when he transported Tyler into L’Rell’s cell, damn! That was a ballsy move by Saru. Really liked that.


I would be absolutely fine if Saru was captain at the end of this arc.


I’m a bit let down that, as many suspected, Lorca is from the Mirror Universe. I rather liked the idea of a sketchy “homegrown” starship captain.


Sliders, actually :wink:


I was interested that they showed a Captain who was struggling with his demons and hiding it from the people who depended on him, that was a good dramatic concept.

So this twist is a bit of a disappointment there, but it works just fine in context.

And Isaacs is doing an excellent job.


There’s no way he gets to stay captain, but it’d be neat for Lorca to have a redemptive arc. Technically, opposing the Empire already is one. It’s like Mirror Sisko. That was a bad dude, too, but wonderful to have on your side. Of course, he got a lot better when Sisko had to replace him.


Preview for issue 2, to be released tomorrow:


Is there any chance it’s a double-bluff and the Lorca we’re seeing IS the Prime Universe one playing a very complicated long game?


Nah, I don’t think so… he’s been really intent on making the spore drive work all along… and well, the light sensitivity thing makes it a done deal I think.

However, since everyone is “bad” in the alt-verse and he’s the villain over there, it might mean he’s actually a “good” guy? Though it seems everyone is rotten and he just wanted to overthrow Gregoriou to take her place.


Oh btw, one thing I liked a lot, and it might be the 1st time we see that sort of thing on screen, is the imperial ship thing we saw, that was powered by a sun… I don’t know if that was supposed to be our sun or just a mini-sun, but it was cool. I wish they’ll explore that a bit more.