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Star Trek: Discovery - Series 1 and tie-in media discussion (spoilers abound)


I think it’s a mix of a few things rather than leaks - there was a lot of wishful thinking by hidebound Trekkies that DISCO was set in the Mirror Universe or otherwise not in the Prime one just because it looked different, and Lorca was so out of place with other Starfleet captains that asking “Hey, is he from the Mirror Universe” wasn’t so out of place when Frakes had dropped the hints he did.

I see it as the same as guessing the twist in Westworld series 1, a mixture of some subtle hints and a lot of people brainstorming along similar lines.


Don’t forget everyone was screaming Section 31 before the MU appeared too.


I wonder if we’ll ever get an explanation for the black Starfleet badges


Heh, I was thinking the same thing,


Like, I wouldn’t be surprised if Mirror Lorca made it to the Prime universe, and then approached Section 31 to get inserted into Starfleet in place of Prime Lorca, but if the security team were Section 31, why would they be wearing badges?

And yes, I’m possibly expecting too much of DISCO here…


I thought the black badges were because they were a top secret vessel.


It was only security officers with them though, and it looks like only on their combat gear.


I don’t think it can be anything other than a brain swap. It wasn’t until I read your post that I realized they may have just shown the other one first, but I’ve already nixed that.


The mirror Stamets says, “He did it.” when he wakes up, and since he’s talking to himself, it’s clearly the correct personality in the correct body.

I’m actually surprised they didn’t do another swap, but maybe they felt there are enough in this series?

The Lorca reveal was very well done. The light sensitivity is a cheap device, but they made it work.

Most horrifying moment in the series so far? Mirror Saru ending up as dinner. :scream:


That wasn’t Saru. But still horrifying!


She was asked to choose a Kelpian, out of the three. He looked enough like (Mirror) Saru to make me think that’s who he was? Maybe I was wrong?


Presumably Mirror Saru is still aboard the Shenzhou, given Burnham and Lorca travelled alone to the Charon in a shuttle and needed to warp to get there.


Clem ‘H’ Fandango :wink:


In addition to what Lorcan said, I’ll also point out all three actors in that group weren’t as skinny, or tall, as Doug Jones’ Kelpian.





I haven’t seen any Voq Fandango merchandise yet, not even a t-shirt.

I assume it’s only a matter of time.



A friend of mine was given a Bat’leth as a birthday present last year. When he sent me a photo my reply read one line:

Qapla’, tlhIngan SuvwI’!


When TNG ended Ron Moore was gifted with a real Bat’leth from the props department. On the way home he was pulled over by a cop. He spent the entire time terrified that the guy was going to look in his back seat and notice he had giant blade back there.