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Star Trek: Discovery - Series 1 and tie-in media discussion (spoilers abound)


Riker’s great-grandfather.


Just watched the, episode I pretty much assumed and said what Lorcan suggested about Tyler up thread.

Very kick ass fun episode to watch and certainly is shaping up to be a interesting second half of the season. My thought about Culber was maybe it was a thought we saw but not an actual happening, to give us a real shock moment and leave something dangling for future episodes.


I finished the last bit of the Discovery novel, Desperate Hours.

I have to say upon reflection, that it really adds a lot of depth to some of the characters, depth that is missing from the show.

There’s an abundance of characterisation on Burnham here that the show barely scratches the surface of;
Burnham’s relationship with Spock
Burnham’s relationship with her adopted mother
Burnham’s relationship with Sarek
And more crucially, because the show doesn’t show much more than a speck of it, Burnham’s relationship with Captain Georgiou

We get to see a lot more of Georgiou here in general and she now feels like a much more rounded character to me.

If you enjoy Discovery and want more, is strongly recommend reading both this and the IDW tie in comic.

The next novel is out in Feb, as slow as this was in places, mainly when there was no character interaction going on, overall I enjoyed it as companion piece to the show and the scenes here with Spock and Burnham, Georgiou and Pike, definitely add the the mythology of the universe.
I’ll pick the next one up, although they are quite pricey.


I’m hoping they pull Sybok in somewhere just to really piss off the fanboys.


Forgot to mention that it adds an awful lot of background to Saru & also his relationship with Burnham and his relationship with Georgiou


Pretty sure he’s prime; the whole story of the loss of his crew wouldn’t make any sense otherwise. Or it would be play-acting, but that’s not really likely. Also, agony chamber isn’t something you’d seek out without necessity now, is it?

Kudos to them on the Tyler thing. I didn’t think they’d have the guts. I also like that they worked into the conversation that they did do Manchurian tests and all that - that worked well.

I hope (and think) Lorcan’s right about the Emperor. I didn’t think of it, but it makes a whole lot of sense, and it would be pretty cool.

The plot is moving at an insane speed again. So fast that quite a lot of things don’t make proper sense, but only if you accept them as plot devices. But they’ve done the go-into-the-lion’s-den-at-a-drop-of-a-hat-with-a-kind-of-stupid-plan plot for the third time now and I’m getting used to it. At least you don’t get the chance to be bored.

And Captain Killy thing is fun, but somebody should be thrown out of an airlock for that inspirational speech Burnham gives her. Yeah, okay, this is Trek, but there’s limits, you know?

And finally, I hope that that one thing isn’t final. That, on the other hand, would just be too dark for this early in a Trek show. I mean, bloody hell.


The other day I was talking about how Mirror Sybok should show up too, and he should be the one vulcan without a beard.


Books Etc look to be flogging this one for about £7.30, which ain’t bad when the RRP is £10.99!

It’s still a price hike compared to standard Trek books RRP of £7.99, but the counterpoint is that hasn’t risen in years and should have.

I’ll likely grab it towards the end of the month. The next two aren’t as important for me as the authors are more hit-and-miss for me, compared to Mack.

On the ep itself, which we just watched, damn, that was good.



So, in episode 8, Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum, there’s a bit after the ship jumps where after a jump Stamets is out of it, and says “what are you doing down here, Captain?” to Tilly. And presumably like most people, I assumed he had seen a flash of Tilly’s future. But now that we know Tilly is the captain of Discovery in the Mirror universe, I guess he’d seen a glimpse of that (though unless he had something on her in the Mirror Universe he’d likely be spending some time in the Agony Booth for that line)


Yeah, that’s what I was referring to earlier. Along with the mirror bit from an earlier episode (and Tilly’s bit about wanting to be Captain), I like the way the show’s foreshadowing has paid off so far.


Haven’t watched it. It’s minutes away from starting (my PVR says 1hr and 5min long).
Just thought I’d help out to be on the safe side.

S01E11 - “The Wolf Inside”



Still going to talk vaguely, but you have been warned.

Ok, some shows would’ve dragged that plotline out until the middle of next season. Not here. This show keeps things moving.

On the “shock value” thing, didn’t hit me because it would only lead to a time-travel re-set (or somesuch bullshit to appease fans), and then I would roll my eyes.
But then the show let me know where it’s headed (or at least told me it has plans).

As for the revelation at the end, you see the look on Lorca’s face? Hmmm…

Speaking of Lorca, Jason Isaac’s accent was coming through loud and clear (to me). Maybe just the actor falling back while doing a “pained/tortured voice” but I took it as the show showing us the character is having problems hiding things after being tortured (and is originally from the mirror universe).
Or am I reading too much into that?


I didn’t pick up on anything like that. I think the only thing he was conveying was pain. But we’ll certainly know by next episode. Loved the Stamets(s) tease, though.


That was fun, will speak in detail tomorrow.


Ha ha, fucking called it


I think everyone has called everything on this show so far. There really haven’t been any big surprises.


Well, the Mirror Universe wasn’t actually called, more than spoiled for everyone in a convention, which lead to the Lorca speculation, etc.


So that was intetesting. Yep we pretty much picked on the Tyler thingy ma bob.


I don’t think the show is really making it’s surprise twists work, fortunately it has a lot of other things that compensate.

The drama works. What these things mean for the characters is well handled and effective.

Lorca is still the man we saw in the first half of the season, I think it’s important to remember all the little glimpses we saw of his underlying mental state.

At least, I hope it’s important to remember that. I want to see it become part of how this develops.