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Star Trek: Discovery - Series 1 and tie-in media discussion (spoilers abound)


I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Culber.

Who do you think is Emperor, Stamets?


Wilson Cruz was on After Trek and he said his favourite scene of his whole career is still coming up, though Aaron Haberts confirmed they’re not showing the Mirror Universe version, and Gretchen Berg confirmed he’s going to be back in some capacity.

Who do you think is Emperor, Stamets?

I’m 100% positive it’s Georgiou


Ohhh drama! I was thinking the would use someone like Pike but dramatically that would be better for Burnham’s story.

Hmmm I wonder how he’ll show up again. It was surprising as I didn’t expect the death considering it was Trek’s first same gender partnership, wouldn’t make sense to just put it in then do away with it. Mind you it was the only thing that surprised me, I was expecting the other stuff.


Haberts said to read the real Paul Stamets’ books about Mycellium, as they’re a big influence on the show and would indicate the capacity in which Culber would return. Not sure if I’m going to do any more Trek homework than I already do fo rthe Star Trekkin’ thread, but the option is there.


To be fair, that’s pretty awesome!!!

I’m not sure how interested I’d be in reading it but it’s a really cool thing to draw from for the story.


He has a TED Talk:


The Empire has been upgrading the Defiant during all those decades…

  • Damn those scottish engineers, they seem to be everywhere.
  • Tyler 100% confirmed I think.


I was thinking Empress Sato II or III.


I wouldn’t be opposed to a Linda Park cameo, but as soon as they mentioned the Shenzhou and that Burnham was the captain in the Mirror Universe, it makes too much dramatic sense to use her this way


I’m taking odds that the Lorca we’ve ben seeing all this time is the Mirror Universe version, who hopped universes to escape after killing Mirror Burnham.

One thing that makes noise about that is that Lorca was going to communicate directly with the other mirror ship, and Burnham stopped him. He should have known better.

There are things that make me think it is possible (like sleeping with a phaser, that would be a good idea in the MU where everyone is ready to betray you at the drop of a dime), etc.


50/50 it was something they should have fixed in the script and forgot/didn’t bother; or it was a clever ploy where he expected Burnham to interrupt him; or he’s not from the Mirror Universe after all.


Exactly, sometimes I am inclined to agree, sometimes I am not so sure about it. In part because I would prefer the ambiguity of Lorca to be from the Prime Universe, instead of “Mirror”.



Fuuuuck…didn’t realise the new episode had aired - just clicked on the thread because I saw there was new posts and BOOM straight to Young Duke’s comment RE superior Spider-Man

Ah well at least there was conjecture that kind of stopped this being a surprise.


Sorry. I’ll blur that part, too.


It’s cool I think this one is my bad for not noticing the thread title had been updated -

For future ref, is the thread a spoiler zone from the air date of each new episode?


That’s the assumption I work on, but we can insist on spoiler tags for the first 24 hours or whatever


No probs - I’m going to try watch just now in my bed anyway - and try stay on top as I felt letting myself lag behind for a few weeks last time detracted a bit from my enthusiasm.


Just watched the new episode. That was a lot of fun, packed a lot in, and I enjoyed how they paid off all the Captain foreshadowing from earlier in the season for Tilly.

I was waiting for Georgiou to show up (especially given all Burnham’s talk about meeting past crewmates), but it makes perfect sense that they might be holding her back for the reveal speculated upthread.

Feels like this show has hit the ground running after the break.


Who is the health and safety officer on the Discovery? Somebody needs to do an ergonomic assessment on Saru’s workstation. That poor bastard is forever leaning way, way down to see his screen. Total lawsuit waiting to happen.