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Star Trek: Discovery - Series 1 and tie-in media discussion (spoilers abound)


You guys, these episodes were so fucking cool!

It’s also very recently come to my attention that Tarantino wants to do an F-rated Trek and that’s apparently happening - could be fun.

So, that swearing ep, the swearing did fuck all for no fucking benefit, so what was the fucking point? It came out of nowhere, did nothing, buggered off back to nowhere and that was that. Although I would find the idea of some parents going: “Swearing? In fucking Star Trek?” amusing.

So, these 6 eps - a huge amount of fun. I’m really enjoying Gabriel Lorca, who clearly graduated from the School of Baggy Trousers.

Was kind of funny, as up until ep 9, I had thought Kol had plot protection, then they blew the crap out of his stolen starship, with him on it! Then remembered I was thinking of Kang, Kor and Koloth. I have to admit I see little difference between T’Kuvma and Kol, both are honourless curs.

What the eps did very well was balance out the plot of the ep with the wider, ongoing plots that run from ep to ep. It was a well-execited balance and I can imagine it’s more effective when watching weekly, which we’ll be doing.

Seeing Trek done with all the tools that have come along in its absence is a lot of fun, it looks good, there’s been a lot of care taken on it.

I enjoyed Beyer’s ep, as it brought to mind her Voyager tale Children of the Storm and covered similar territory.

So, really enjoyed this set of 9 eps. Next? I’ll be watching the new eps and grabbing Mack’s tie-in story.


I read the first issue of **IDW’s Star Trek: Discovery ** comic.

I approached this with some degree of cynicism and trepidation, however I was quickly won over; it really is excellent.

It appears to act as a fully canon companion to the show, starting with T’Kuvma’s back story, which is actually really interesting and fleshes out this version of the Klingons - I think that is much needed.

Highly recommend it to those enjoying the show.


Sounds like IDW is back to form. They started out so strong when they got the rights, but petered out around 2013; Countdown to Darkness was nowhere near the level of Star Trek Countdown.


It will be canon until something contradicts it, as usual. :wink:

The co-writer is Kirsten Beyer, who works in Discovery, so that helps it.


You just sold me this, will have to keep an eye out for the trade.


Yep, I think the original Countdown is one of their strongest comic still. The regular Star Trek series fluctuates like crazy, the replacemente Boldly Go even more, and the Khan & CTD minis weren’t that good.

Of their recent output, the Broken Mirror miniseries focusing on a TNG version in the mirror universe was enjoyable.


You may have to wait quite a bit, the comic has suffered some delays (issue 1 was out at the end of november, and issue 2 has been delayed until the end of January), with only one part of the four part story arc out.


Oh, I can wait.

Really enjoyed Beyer’s Voyager work and her Discovery ep.


Happy bday DS9!


in two years time, we can celebrate the 25th anniversary of when DS9 got good!


Preview pics from the new episode…


It was good from the moment Sisko punched Q!


Sisko and Jake were baseball fans.

'nuff said!


Hell yeah!



Oh man! New episode just finished. Surprising shit and revelations. I do like how they don’t waste episodes. Think I’m hooked now.


They officially pulled a Superior Spider-Man with Tyler. And Mirror Universe!


That was fun.

And full of references.


I’d watch a straight up Mirror Universe TV show all day long.


I really enjoyed that episode. Like a lot of people I grew kinda tired of the Mirror Universe during DS9s annual visits, but this one was a lot of fun, and even tied in to the Enterprise Mirror episode! I’m kinda excited to see what happens when they get aboard the Defiant, in terms of keeping and/or changing the look of the Constitution class.

Other high points:
Captain Killy!
Lorca’s engineer voice!

Sad points:
Poor Culber. I liked him

So yeah, Tyler is totally Voq
I’m taking odds that the Lorca we’ve ben seeing all this time is the Mirror Universe version, who hopped universes to escape after killing Mirror Burnham.
And we all know who the Emperor is going to turn out to be, right? Will one of us say it or de we all want to do it together?