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Star Trek: Discovery - Series 1 and tie-in media discussion (spoilers abound)


At a different message board I used to frequent we had a drunk Klingon emoji. It seemed appropriate to reference…


I doubt it’ll go all go that dark. Tyler will remain a positive character, would be my guess, just tortured (and sexed) and then brainwashed to obey whatshername. But all reversible.


Possisbly not, but the series has seemed far darker and edgier than I thought it would go, so it wouldn’t be a shock to me if they played it that way. I do like a broken Tyler too but would be intrigued to see him being the Torchbearer and the struggles of being a Klingon and committed to Burnham that would bring.


I signed up for Netflix purely to access stranger things 2 and discovery. I’ve read much of this thread and am really surprised how apparently Luke warm the reaction is here. This is by far the best Star Trek since the original series I was buying VHS tapes of the next generation when they were released in blockbuster back in the day. In hindsight much of the next generation just doesn’t stand up. Saith for yesterdays enterprise and Best of both worlds, next generation is cosmically dull.

Jason Isaacs is fantastic as Captain Lorca and I hope he’s around for the duration of this show. The show looks cinematic and has taken some cues from Battlestar Galactica. It’s all the better for it. For me this show really couldn’t be much better


There’s gonna be a falling out here :wink:

ST:TNG is a different beast from a different era, and IMHO stands up today as excellent, gentle SF TV.

I am really surprised that you’ve come to that conclusion from this thread. Most of us have been pretty effusive about the show, bar the occasional minor personal niggle that has no real overall impact, and I don’t think many would disagree that, so far, DISCO is probably the strongest season one of any Trek.


Gentle yes. But so anodyne and so dull, so often.


I just caught up with the last couple of episodes.

Having been a bit mixed about the show throughout the run so far, I think these last two episodes pulled things together really nicely with a strong story and a great cliffhanger. It feels like the show has found its feet.

I particularly enjoy Isaacs - I think he has the most interesting character on the show, but that’s largely due to his performance, particularly the way he balances the positive and negative aspects of his character - but the rest of the cast have grown pretty well into their characters too.

I also like the mysteries that have been set up so far, especially the ones that are played up towards the end of the latest episode (like the true nature of Clem Fandango) and the way the relationships are developing and becoming more complex.

The show still has a few too many clunky or cheesy moments for me to really love it, but I’m glad I stuck with it as it’s turned into something better than I expected at the start of the series.


Like Drew said, I think most people here are happy with the show and would all agree it’s a great Trek show. There’s really no need to put down Next Generation, either (which had its faults, but also some really brilliant episodes) - there were enough entire series of Trek that were just disappointing (Voyager, Enterprise). It’s just great to have Star Trek back in a good show.

Agreed on all of that except for the last bit. Especially with shows like BG or The Expanse out there, I think expectations for this kind of show have risen, and this season still has many - like Dave says - clunky or cheesy moments. There is quite some room to grow, but I’m along for the ride.


I wonder if half Tyler’s problem is that he had to be brainwashed to become human, that he understands he’s actually the Torchbearer on a latent level. Sleeper agent, which will create a lot of guilty compliance…


I think at this point Tyler might be more like Talia Winters in Babylon 5.


I think our possibilities are:

1:Ash Tyler is Ash Tyler, human PTSD sufferer who L’Rell has an unhealthy obsession on

2: Ash Tyler is Ash Tyler, human but with a Klingon personality inserted as a sleeper, as @Mike has suggested

3: Ash Tyler is Ash Tyler, but with Voq’s personality written over his own, and doing a passable impression of a human

4: Ash Tyler is Voq in a humansuit, doing a passable impression of a human

5: Ash Tyler is Voq in a humansuit, with a human personality implanted over his own.


There’s no odds attached to these outcomes, how do I know how much money I make if I put my house on number 5???


I’d actually go for 5 rather than 2 - I think the flesh, and the primary personality, will be Voq. Tyler is the construct.

The difference between B5 and Trek (even Dark Trek) is that B5 killed Talia completely when the submerged personality emerged. I suspect Trek will allow Tyler to survive.


I am missing the Garibaldi option here.




I know it wasn’t perfect but, man, I really loved Babylon 5.


When Laura and I got rid of a load of DVDs a few years ago, I made sure to keep my Babylon 5 box sets.


At first, quick glance, I thought you wrote “my Babylon 5 big ass”.

Did you keep that, too?


Removing my big ass is not an option.

five miles long, located in neutral territory…


What did you think of it?

I thought it started really well but i found a lot of it dragged out and there was one specific piece that I ended up skimming when Burnham and Spock enter the ship

I’ve not quite finished the book because of this - it’s still sitting beside my bed, which is a shame because I loved about the first quarter of it.