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Star Trek: Discovery - Series 1 and tie-in media discussion (spoilers abound)


Wasn’t he on-screen with Clark Gregg? But yeah, everyone else he “interacted” with was not on-set at the same time.


Maybe in one of the early scenes? I can’t remember now. What sticks in my memory is the scene with him, Clark Gregg and Bill Paxton, where he’s obviously not in the same place as the two of them.


I heard the same happened with Thanos.


I must have missed that episode of Agents of Shield. :smile:


Researching his appearances in the show made me sad he hasn’t appeared in the movies since Winter Soldier, and doesn’t seem likely to show up again until Captain Marvel. This is just wrong!


From what I’ve read, he agrees.


He was in Age of Ultron, which came after Winter Soldier.


That’s exactly what Kang wants you to think!


Little known fact, ‘kang’ is the sound I make when I think of someone chewing tinfoil.


How about Immortus?


I’m not sure what sound he makes when he thinks of someone chewing tinfoil.


Yeah, I thought so, but I haven’t really gotten into the second Avengers movie like I did the first. Pretty much Sekovia, Sekovia, Sekovia, Vision, Ultron’s voice. (I really hate “Sekovia” as the name of the country. I’m about as fond of Wakanda.)


Especially since it’s actually SOkovia :stuck_out_tongue:


Definitely not Latveria, though. Nope. Not at all.


What about Nambia? :roll_eyes:


Ah, doesn’t make it better!


I just tried The Orville again after all good things people are saying about.
What a sack of crap, I mean I’m now worried abut my mates, some of them must have suffered a stroke or something.
It’s just terrible, Who thought a ep about the doctor and her awful kids was a good idea?


That episode was fantastic. Isaac was great.


I think the trick is to go in not expecting something that will blow you away… otherwise you’re dressing up for dinner and getting served candyfloss. The Orville is good in the sense that Stagate SG1 is good - Defined characters, situational sci-fi and not too taxing drama. If anything I think it manages to be better in some ways and Bortus’ delivery makes me laugh out loud at least once per episode.

There are plenty of deep, engrossing sci-fi shows out there right now, The Orville is just fun fluff and I’m happy with that.


This was another good one. I’m always down for more Saru. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting from the (admittedly teeny) preview on After Trek last week. It’s another episode that dug heavily into Trek tropes, but I wasn’t expecting it to also tie into the war as much as it did. And while the plot on the planet did well with its Trek tropes, the meat of the plot seemed to be with L’Rell and Cornwall.

So, what is L’Rell’s game? When she was talking about defecting, I assumed it was part of some plot to get her onto Discovery in time for the mid-series cliffhanger, but maybe not. At the same time, I think that maybe Admiral Cornwell isn’t dead, based on how many times the camera lingered on her. So maybe there’s a long game going on here, like L’Rell is a step or two ahead of Kol?

In the nice touches, I really liked Saru moving at speed, and the Pahvans appear to be a bit like the Organians - though presumably they won’t have godlike powers to stop the war the way the Organians did in TOS.